Kawaguchi-ko Momiji Corridor

Located in Lake Kawaguchi of Fuji, the maple corridor offers a view of Mount Fuji.

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Autumn leaves spot

This is a popular spot where maple trees are planted along the lakeshore of Lake Kawaguchi, 830 meters above sea level, for about 1.5 kilometers. As the name "corridor" implies, the overlapping branches of the maple trees and the color of the leaves that have fallen to the ground make for a beautiful tunnel of colored leaves.

There are about 60 maple trees in the area, which were originally planted by the local residents to prevent disasters caused by the overflowing of the Nashi River that runs nearby. Nowadays, when the huge maple trees turn red and yellow, the contrast with the majestic Mount Fuji and the high blue sky becomes a beautiful sight, and the area is now known as one of Yamanashi's representative autumn leaves spots. Not only tourists but also locals enjoy driving and cycling through the area.

It is also the main site of the "Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival " in November every year. From sunset to 10:00pm, the area is lit up. The colored leaves reflected in the night sky create a romantic atmosphere, and you can enjoy a different view compared to daytime.

There is a parking lot in the vicinity, and for tourists who enjoy the autumn leaves on foot, souvenir stores and food stalls are lined up during the season, providing a full festival atmosphere. Enjoy the autumn season to the fullest with the beautiful colored maple leaves and the magnificent view of Mount Fuji.


  • This is a spectacular spot where you can enjoy the majestic Mount Fuji.
  • After sunset, you can enjoy the fantastic scenery lit up.
  • There is also a craft market and souvenir stalls.


  • Light-up scenery

    Light-up scenery

  • Momiji Corridor

    Momiji Corridor


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Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchikomachi, Minamitsurugun, Yamanashi
Open every day. The Autumn Leaves Festival is held from early November to mid-November.
About 20 minutes by bus from Kawaguchiko Station on the Fujikyuko Line .
Credit Cards
Not accepted
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