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A scenic spot where you can overlook vast tea fields and famous sights of Shizuoka, and enjoy cherry blossoms in spring.

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Located in the mountainous region of Kakegawa city, where tea cultivation is thriving, this 532m mountain in Higashiyama offers quintessential Japanese rural landscapes with its tea fields at the foothills.

The hike from the base to the summit takes about an hour, making it a moderately easy trekking route. Famous as a cherry blossom spot, about 500 cherry trees, including mountain cherry and Somei Yoshino, bloom in succession in spring. The Awawa Shrine at the summit hosts a "Sakura Festival" in early April. While it's possible to drive to the summit, the narrow roads often lead to congestion during this period, so walking is recommended.

The summit's observation rest area, "Kapposhi Terrace," offers stunning views of the tea fields below, Suruga Bay, and Mount Fuji. The cafe on the first floor serves meals using local Higashiyama tea, including a lunch set with tea rice and tea and dessert sets. The tea house "Higashiyama Ippukudokoro" at the foothills offers free servings of Higashiyama tea and sells tea and sweets, making it a great stop before or after hiking.


  • A mountain in Kakegawa city, known for its tea cultivation.
  • The summit offers views of the foothills' tea fields, Suruga Bay, and Mount Fuji.
  • About 500 cherry trees bloom, with the summit shrine celebrating the "Sakura Festival" during peak bloom.
  • The road to the summit is narrow, so hiking is recommended.
  • "Kapposhi Terrace" at the summit and the tea house at the foothills are popular spots to visit.


  • The cherry blossoms around Awawa Shrine at the summit are in full bloom in spring.

    The cherry blossoms around Awawa Shrine at the summit are in full bloom in spring.

  • Overlooks the vast tea fields.

    Overlooks the vast tea fields.

  • "Kapposhi Terrace" at the summit.

    "Kapposhi Terrace" at the summit.

  • "Higashiyama Ippukudokoro" at the foothills is perfect for a break before or after the hike.

    "Higashiyama Ippukudokoro" at the foothills is perfect for a break before or after the hike.

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Foreign languages pamphlets available.


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There are restrooms at foot and summit of the mountain.


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There is a designated smoking area, and its location should be respected.



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
1050-1 Higashiyama, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka
0537-27-0845 (Kapposhi Terrace) / 0537-27-2266 (Higashiyama Ipuku-dokoro)
Free to walk ※Kapposhi Terrace closed on Mondays and case of rain, Higashiyama Ipuku-dokoro closed on Wednesdays
Business Hours
Walk anytime ※Kapposhi Terrace 10:00am - 4:00pm, Higashiyama Ipuku-dokoro 9:00am - 4:00pm
About 13 minutes by taxi from JR Tokaido Main Line and Oigawa Railway Main Line’s Kanaya Station.
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