Fast and Comfortable Travel between Downtown Tokyo and Narita


Offers the quickest travel time to downtown Tokyo

Skyliner is a limited express airport train offering the fastest service between downtown Tokyo and Narita Airport, with a total journey time of 36 minutes*. A fast train offering up to three services per hour, travelling between downtown Tokyo and Narita Airport with only four stops and no changes: Ueno Station, Nippori Station, Narita Airport Terminals 2 & 3, and Narita Airport Terminal 1.

Skyliner is not just a fast service. Reserved seating means that you are guaranteed a seat, so there is no need to worry about overcrowding. The trains offer ample space, with their own dedicated luggage area between the passenger cabin and the vestibule, as well as security cameras for passengers’ safety.

In addition, the trains offer wi-fi, comfortable seats fitted with their own power outlet, multifunctional toilets, and more, providing a truly comfortable way to travel between downtown Tokyo and Narita Airport.

*Skyliner’s fastest time between Narita Airport Terminal 2 & 3 and Nippori Station.


  • Fastest way to travel between Narita Airport and downtown Tokyo
  • Only four stops with no changes
  • Reserved seats
  • Highly functional, ample space with dedicated luggage area


  • Skyliner
  • Skyliner
  • Open and spacious interior cabin
  • Comfortable seats
  • Specious vestibules
  • Storage space for luggage


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  • 0213 Aaliyah


  • 周新磊


  • 70115 Cindy黃楀晴


  • Chung-jian Huang


Basic Information

Official Name
Skyliner (Keisei Electric Railway)
Ueno Station, Nippori Station, Narita Airport Terminals 2 & 3, and Narita Airport Terminal 1
Travel Time
Fastest time between Nippori Station and Narita Airport Terminal 2 & 3: 36 minutes. Fastest time between Ueno Stations and Narita Airport Terminal 1: 41 minutes.
Up to three services per hour
Official Website
Official Website (English)