A large natural curtain with wisteria in purple and white. “Ashikaga Flower Park” for day trip. (Ashikaga City of Tochigi Prefecture)

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After enter the park, you will see a huge curtain-like made of Japanese wisteria in colour purple and white in front of you. The beautiful wisteria creates the awesome scenery just like the one you saw in your dreams.

There are about 350 flowering plants and trees full bloom in attractive colours within the season.

The long tunnel of white and yellow wisteria flowers is about 80-meter long, and countless blossoms to enjoy in the park.

Apart from white and purple wisteria, there are also many other flowering plants in full bloom at Spring such as Rhododendron and Meadowsweet. Visitors are able to enjoy the spring environment while walk throughout the garden, there are also massive illumination display during the period. It must be absolutely beautiful.

The best timing to visit here is during golden week holiday in Japan which is start from late April to ealy May.

There are also many other attractions worthy to visit near Ashikaga, and following article is going to introduce you few places where you might interested after visit “Ashikaga Flower Park”.

There is “Kurita Museum” near the “Ashikaga Flower Park”, where has fine collection of both “Imari” and “Nabeshima” porcelains. The museum is high recommended for visitors who likes pottery.

Futian Station is the nearest station from “Ashikaga Flower Park”. Take JR only one stop to Ashikaga Station where has the well-known as the oldest academic institution of Japan “Ashikaga Gakko (also called Ashikaga School)”.

In addition, “Banna-ji Temple” has about 800-year history and Zen Buddhism style of the Kamakura Period. The temple is very close to the Ashikaga Flower park on foot, therefore suggest you to visit here if any spare time.

Recommended schedule for day trip from Tokyo

・8:10 departure from Asakusa Station
 ↓Take Tobu Skytree Line “Express service” bond for Tōbu Nikkō Station•Aizu-Tajima Station (approximately 75 minutes)
・9:26 arrival, 9:37 departure
 ↓JR Ryōmō Line (approximately 25 minutes)
・10:02 at Tomita Station
 ↓10-minute on foot
・10:15 arrive at “Ashikaga Flower Park”
 ↓10-minute on foot
・12:45 departure from Tomita Station
 ↓JR Ryōmō Line 10 minutes
・12:51 arrive at Ashikaga Station
 ↓15-minute on foot
・Arrive at“Ashikaga Gakko”
 ↓3-minute on foot
・Arrive at “Banna-ji Temple”

※Due to most of passengers are tend to go to the “Ashikaga Flower Park”, there is high possibility of overcrowded on the train.
※JR Tomita Station is also necessary to be overcrowded. Due to transportation services are not as convenient as Tokyo, less chance to find Suica and Pasmo ticket gate, so suggest visitors purchase ticket to Tomita Station in advance.
※Above travel route can be either departs from Tokyo Station or Ueno Station. If departs from Ueno Station, visitors can take “JR Ueno-Tokyo Line (Utsunomiya Line)” (approximately 75 minutes), or “Tōhoku Shinkansen” (approximately 40 minutes) and interchange at Oyama Station by JR Ryōmō Line. It might takes approximately 40 minutes from Oyama Station to Tomita Station by JR Ryōmō Line.
※Above travel route is based on cheapest transportation fee and shortest travel time, therefore might have high possibility to be overcrowded. The schedule including direct train service from Ueno Station to Tomita Station without interchange during golden week holidays (there are two train services at 8am, and two service for return). Due to the train requires reservation ticket, therefore make your reservation at “JR Green Window” is recommended.(“Ashikaga Fuji-Matsuri”)

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