A day return trip to Saitama Prefecture · Chichibu Kogen Bokujo where has 15 million poppies plants in vibrant reds, looks like a huge natural red carpet.

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Take Rapid Express bound for Nagatoro of Seibu Railway from Ikebukuro Station (departs at 7:05 or 8:05) to Minano Station (arrives at 9:12 or 10:10).

※Please ride on the train at gate no. 7. The train has total 8 carriages in white, 4 carriages in the front are going to “Nagatoro”, and 4 carriages in the back are going to “Mitsumineguchi”. Please take 4 carriages in the front for this schedule.The train provides lavatories. The station we want to reach to is the Minano Station, therefore visitors can take rest and have packed lunch inside the carriage. There are no extra fee for rapid express service.

Coming out from the slightly narrow train station, will lead you to the bus station. There are free suttle bus available to Chichibu Kogen Bokujo where has extensive view of poppies.

The view is beautiful when bus drive slowly over the mountains, the vivid glowing-red poppies create a large carpet-look scenery just right in front of visitors! The admission fee is 200 yen (free admission for high school students or younger). Let's go to the poppy field directly.

Although the day we visited was a sunny day, but it was a pity that the sky wasn't in blue.

The photo above is a scene of the field in elevation 500 meters, about 15 million poppies bloom within the season (approximatly 5 million poppies increased from 2015).

It looks like poppies all in red, however it actually complex with a lot of poppies in different colours.

There are many shop stalls in the top of the mountains which sell food, drinks and souvenirs. Although it was very hot, but the scenery was so beautiful until we totally forgot the time.

The scenery is extremely beautiful when it's in the good condition, and the best timing to visit is from mid-May to end of May. You shouldn't miss the great chance to see the amazing and fabulous landscape.

The following map is brief direction we made for you for better understanding, and bus time in 2015 for reference.

Please note the free shuttle bus is only available on Saturdays and Sundays during May 16, 2015 ~ May 31. There are no shuttle buses available in the weekday, so go there by car is recommended.

A: Minano Station→Poppy field,B: Poppy field→ Minano Station
05:Direct bus(time:25 minutes)
40:Circular bus(time:35minutes)

Chichibu Kogen Bokujo

Location:2951 Ooazasakamoto, Higashichichibu-mura, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture.

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