How about Tokyo Sightseeing using the good value「Toei One-day Pass」?

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Utilizing public transportation is the key to saving time and money and enjoying an efficient sightseeing experience in Tokyo. The「Toei One-day Pass」 allows you unlimited use of Toei subways, Toei buses, and the Toei street car (Toden). That’s how you can save money on transportation expenses. In this article we will explain the pass and some model sightseeing courses you can take using it.

▼ Toei One-day Pass

Valid for one day. You can hop on and off Toei subways, Toei bus(inc. Tama area), Toei streetcars Arakawa Line, Nippori-Toneri liner, freely and unlimitedly.If you can master the Toei lines you can have an awesome sightseeing experience in Tokyo as they allow you to move from spot to spot sightseeing.

Basic information on Toei One-day Pass

¥700 (Adult), ¥350 (Child)
Sales locations
Toei Subway Station ticket machines, onboard Toei buses and streetcars, and ticket machines on the Nippori-Toneri Liner line.

▼ Model course for you! ①Ueno→②Asakusa→③Ginza→④Tokyo tower
Use Toei One-day Pass to explore Classic tourist attractions like Asakusa or Ginza and enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine.

①Ueno Area

<Recommended access: Toei Oedo Line 「Ueno-Okachimachi Station」>
This area offers not only famous tourist spots such as Ueno Onshi Park, Ueno zoo, and Museums but there is also a popular shopping area there called Ameyoko (short for Ameya-yokocho, or Ameya Streets).

②Asakusa area

<How to access from Ueno area①: Use Toei bus S-1, get off at Bus stop 「Asakusa Kaminarimon」>

The classic tourist "must see" and the oldest temple in Tokyo .Tourists love taking photos at the Kaminarimon gate which is at the entrance of Sando (the approach of the temple). Nakamise, a street full of souvenir shops, is always busy with visitors.

Learn more about Sensouji

【大黒屋天麩羅本店(Main shop of Daikokuya Tempura)】
This store represents the Asakusa Cuisine, Tendon(Tempura bowl). They are proud of their special slightly sweet, slightly rich sauce which hasn’t changed in taste since the shop was established. (year 1887)

大黒屋天麩羅本店(Main shop of Daikokuya Tempura)

1-38-10 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
(weekdays & Sunday) 11:10-20:30, (Saturday & national holidays) 11:10-21:00
Open every day
Accepted Cards
American Express, Diners, JCB, MasterCard, Visa

【[Asakusa Hanayashiki】
An amusement park with so many exciting attractions. Such as the oldest roller coaster in use, in Japan. And Bee tower, which is a viewpoint for Asakusa. Do you want to be a Ninja for a day? 「Ninja Taiken Dojo」 is now open for ninja training as well!

③Ginza Area

<How to access from Asakusa area: Walk to Asakusa station. Then go to Higashi Ginza station on Toei Asakusa Line.>

Here they host plays in the Japanese traditional style of Kabuki. On the 5th floor, there is 「 Kabukiza Gallery」 where you can enjoy a Kabuki-themed exhibition. At the basement level, there is a gift shop.

Basic information on KABUKIZA

4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
depends on the program showing
depends on the program showing

A popular shopping area for tourists. Offering everything from high fashion brand shops, to department stores, to the latest and most popular fashion boutiques.

④Last but not least,「Tokyo tower」

<How to access from Ginza Area: Get on from Higashi Ginza station on the Toei Asakusa Line. Ride to Daimon station then change to the Oedo line to go to the Akabanebashi station.>

The 333 meter high signature structure of Tokyo. From the observatory you can view Mt.Fuji, Mt.Tsukuba and take in the amazing view of the city of Tokyo. At Foot Town, you can find the Tokyo Tower Aquarium, cafes and restaurants. There are wide selection of gifts for sale as well.

Basic information on Tokyo tower

4-2-8 Shibakoen. Minato-ku. Tokyo
FootTown 10:00-21:00(Last admission 20:30)
Observatory 9:00-23:00(Last admission 22:30)
Open every day

If you began this course from Shinjuku area, the ride will normally cost you 1050 yen. But buying the 700yen 「Toei One-day Pass」 will save you both money and the hassles of buying tickets each time!

Furthermore, if you show your pass on the same day at sites or stores, you will receive discounts or presents. For participating facilities, please check the Guide book(CHIKATOKU) which can be obtained at Toei subway stations and Toei Bus offices(available Only in Japanese)