Tokyo・Asakusa Photo spots for cherry blossoms around Tokyo Skytree area.

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There are a lot of scenic spots for photo taking near Asakusa Station, as there are Sumida River, cherry blossoms and Tokyo Skytree. This time we would like to introduce you each spot around the area. Please see map at the end of this article for reference.

■ Spot A(Sumida Park at Taito-ku)

The photo was taken at Sumida Park at Taito-ku. You can see Sumida Reiver and cherry blossoms at Sumida Park with Tokyo Skytree at the back clearly. Sumida River is at the border between Taito-ku and Sumida-ku, and Sumida Park is located along the Sumida Reiver.

■ Spot B(Tobu Railway Bridge~Kototoi Bridge)

You might see the moon beside the Tokyo Skytree just before sunset.

■ Spot C(Azuma Bridge~Tobu Railway Bridge)

It was a shame we were not able to take a photo of train “SPACIA” which is a Tobu railway train towards to Nikko・Kinugawa-Onsen together with the sunset and beautiful scenery.

From here you can also see ”HIMIKO”, the unique water bus pass through the Sumida River. The water bus usually operates from Azuma bridge at Asakusa for Odaiba.

The light-up begins after sunset, pink colour and moon creates a beautiful combination.

It took about 5-minute for above photo only. My original aim today was to take photos of cherry blossoms at night, but the clouds have covered the moon at the back of Skytree.

■ Spot D(Azuma Bridge)

You might not able to take photos of cherry blossoms at this angle, but Azuma Bridge gives close view at Skytree, Sumida River and the unique “Asahi Flame” building which is also the headquarters of Asahi. You can also see the “SPACIA” train at Tobu Railway Bridge cross Sumida River.

Above photo was taken from Azuma Bridge, a beautiful shadow leftover after a boat past.

■ Spot E(Sumida Park at Sumida-ku)

Visitors are able to see Skytree closely after entering to the park immediately. The time we visited was around 15:00.

There is a pond in the middle of the park, usually people call it “water mirror” as the water surface reflects the beautiful view of Skytree and cherry blossoms which attracts a lot of photographers to visit the spot. Skytree has full height of 634 meters, so it's difficult to take photos of full view between real Skytree and the water reflection.

The nice photo was taken after waited awhile when wind stoped.

This is night view at the park. Due to the lack of light, it's hard to express the beauty of cherry blossom at night. However, please don't forget to visit here if you have chance to come Tokyo.

■ Spot F(Makura Bridge)

Although you cannot see cherry blossoms at the photo, but it is also a famous photo spot due to the full view of Skytree, river and Tobu railway.

1:Asakusa Station
5:Kototoi Bridge
6:Asahi Beer Headquaters
7:Sumida Ward Office
8:Tokyo Skytree Station
9:Tokyo Skytree

Date:2015, April 2, 14: 30-20: 00


In this article, I have introduced cherry blossom viewing spots around Asakusa Station.
Beyond the vicinity of Asakusa Station, there are many other attractive cherry blossom spots in Tokyo.
Consider the following article, which carefully selects and introduces cherry blossom spots in Tokyo, to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in the city.



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