Introducing a Hotel in Tokyo You Can Stay for ¥1980 a Night!

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When traveling Japan, one of the biggest expenses you face is accommodations. Even for relatively reasonable hotels in Tokyo, one night stay can cost around 10,000 yen per person. For those who are traveling like backpackers, just wanting a place to sleep, this price is not cheap.

It’s true that some travelers who are used to traveling in Japan stay at cheap manga cafes for a night. However, in these cafes, there are no beddings provided, which means you may not be able to get proper rest. That said, as one of alternative options, we would like to recommend “1 Night 1980 Hostel Tokyo.”

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As its name says, this hotel lets you stay for 1980 yen per night (tax not included. Prices may change for days before holidays and busy seasons.), which is incredibly cheap for Tokyo! Although you may feel strange about staying in this type of accommodation, it offers a perfect space for a relaxing good night’s sleep.

This is a kind of accommodation called “capsule hotel”; with capsule-shaped small rooms stacked on top of each other, and that is why the price is so low. You may find capsule hotel only in Japan. A “room” inside is a perfect size for one person to lie down comfortably. Many people prefer to stay in capsule hotel because they find it comforting to be in a small space surrounded by walls. Showers and restrooms are shared by guests, but if you just need a place to sleep, you will find everything you need.

Furthermore, “1 Night 1980 Hostel Tokyo” isn’t just a cheap hotel. It is one of the cleanest capsule hotels in all of Tokyo, offering comfortable stay for its guests. There is also a laundromat in the facility, a definite boon for backpackers!

The hotel is located 4 minutes away from subway Iriya Station. The surrounding area is also packed with popular tourist attractions; Ueno Park and the National Museum of Western Art are about 20-minutes’ walk away. Senso-ji temple as well as Asakusa area are only 15 minutes away by bus. Regarding access from major airports, it is about 70 minutes from Narita by train and 60 minutes from Haneda also by train.

Senso-ji temple, a popular tourist spot
Senso-ji temple, a popular tourist spot
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Like any other hotels, check in is available from 3:00 pm. Check out, however, can be as late as 12:00 pm. While in Tokyo, waking up early after enjoying night life can be tough, so this late check-out time may be a pleasant bonus for some people.

Given that there are a good number of rooms, it may be possible to find a space on the same day, though it is safer to book in advance. Making reservations is only available online.

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Basic information on [1 Night 1980 Hostel Tokyo]

3-10-10 Shitaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo
4 minutes’ walk from the subway Hibiya Line “Iriya Station”. Take Showa Street towards Minowa.
In the building with a convenience store “My Basket” to the left. The front entrance of the hotel is at the back of the building.
1980 yen per person per night (Tax not included. Price may change for days before holidays and busy seasons.)
3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
04:00 am - 12:00 pm
Other features
Large size lockers available.