Get a free gift at「Marui」 Kyoto and Osaka locations when you check out the latest fashion trends!

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If you want to get impressive fashion items,「Marui」is the place for you.

「OIOI」is Marui’s commercial facility logo.

Marui shops are usually located near central stations, from the metropolitan area to the Kansai area. Marui selects a range of tasteful fashion items, from famous brands inside and outside Japan to trendy fashion and speciality items.

Stores recommended by Namba Marui

【5F: Men’s bag shop】
Recently, items which Marui has collaborated on with other famous brands have become very popular. One such item is an item co-produced by Marui and Yoshida Kaban. Yoshida Kaban is a famous Japanese bag maker which the Japanese are very proud of. You may often see single strap shoulder bags in town these days. They are only available at Marui and they are a perfect souvenir.
(the image is shown below. PORTER Voice ¥20,520)

* The store is also located on the 5th floor of Kyoto Marui.

【6F: HARE】
「HARE] brand`s concept is simple design, colour items.It also has a range of small items and accessories.

【B1: shop in】
For women, maintenance means not only clothing but make-up and skin-care too. 「shop in」is a select shop with a wide range from the leading and latest brands in cosmetics. This photo shows the popular「 LuLuLuLun Sheet Mask」They re-released this best seller, as it sold over 200 million sheets. You can`t go wrong with this item!
(the image is shown below. LuLuLuLun Sheet Mask(excl. tax)¥1,500)

【Namba Marui】
Address:3-8-9, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Open:11:00-20:30 (Sun. & Hol.: -20:00)
Closed:None Scheduled

Stores recommended by Kyoto Marui

【6F:Watch sales shop】
Over the past few years, Japanese watches have become incredibly popular. This is a photo of CASIO’s G-SHOCK model. It has a GPS hybrid electric solar system which receives standard waves from 6 stations in the world. The combination of black and gold adds maturity to this product.
(The image is shown below. G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER GPW-1000GB-1AJF(excl. tax)¥105,000)

* The store is also located on the 7th floor of Namba Marui.

Want a skin care product? This is it! 「FANCL」is a popular brand among Japanese women. Their original Mild cleansing oil dissolves and removes the most stubborn makeup. They are known for preservative free products. So if you have skin trouble, why not give FANCL a try?
(The image is shown below. Mild Cleansing Oil (incl. tax) ¥1,836)

【Kyoto Marui】
Address:68, Shincho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
Open:10:30-20:30 (B1F Seijo Ishii & Kobeya: 8:00-22:00, Pastel: 10:30-22:00)
Closed:None Scheduled

Marui has Tax Free deals and there are promotional discounts for some credit cards (please refer to the photos below).

Good news for travellers going to Kyoto and Osaka! If you drop in at Namba or Kyoto Marui locations, you can show this App at the duty free counter. You will receive a PILOT’s FRIXION pen as a free welcome gift! This pen is useful. It features a special nub that allows you to erase what you write. (While quantities last). You can record all your memories from your trip with this pen!