Let’s eat Yagi(goat) ramen at 「Menya An」in Naha city, Okinawa!

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「Menya An」specializes in Ramen and Okinawa style soba.
Okinawa soba is a local Okinawan food. I would say it’s more like Udon than Soba. That`s because they use %100 wheat flour and not sobako(buck wheat ) . They simmer pork bones and Katsuo(bonito fish) to make the broth.

They just opened in December 2015. Their noodles are made at the shop.
Not many tourists know about this place yet , but I can tell you this is a great find.

First, I bought a meal coupon at the ticket machine.

Every dish is around ¥600. Reasonably priced, isn't it?

This time I ordered a rare dish, Yagi ramen(¥750). I opted for the Noodles Ohmori(big) size for only ¥50 extra!

I can tell you they are not stingy. There`s a good amount of meat.

Thankfully, they didn`t serve many bones. The skin’s juicy and elastic. It tastes really good too.

The soup seemed hotter than usual ramen because the fat of the goat melted into the broth.

I added Fuchiba ( wild mugwort) and Japanese chilis to it!

The flavour changed drastically, super delicious!

Man, was that satisfying.

【Menya An】

2 Chome-1-47 Matsugawa, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken
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