Taiwan Maze soba is a big hit in Japan! Here is a Mazemen speciality shop in Okinawa!

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Taiwan Mazesoba is very popular in Japan right now! Though the name is Taiwan Mazesoba, they say it originated in Nagoya. It was invented when the preparation of the minced pork didn’t turn out as hoped. So the dish was arranged in order to save the minced pork and named Mazemen. This time we will introduce you to a popular shop in Okinawa called「Mazemen mahoroba」.

So, what’s on the menu? Mazemen(¥700), Mazemen with broiled cheese(¥780), Umakara Taiwan mazemen (¥780), and a seasonal menu.
You can choose the noodle size starting from Sho(200g), Nami(250g), and Chu(300g). Then if you pay an extra ¥100 you can get Ohmori(380g).

On this occasion I ordered Taiwan mazemen Chu size, with Cilantro(¥100) as a topping. I asked them to make it a little spicy . You can choose the level of spiciness here.

Every order is served with Tsukemono(Japanese pickles) and miso soup. You can eat a lot of vegetables with the noodles. It looks so nice. I almost felt bad to mix it up.

Just mix the bowl up really well with the spoon and chopsticks, that`s all there is to it!
It`s a perfect entanglement of thick noodles, Chinese chives, seaweed, nikumiso and eggs. Bon appétit!

The thick noodles were smooth and chewy. The spicy chilli nikumiso (Meat and miso paste) and noodles were the best match ever!

Egg yoke and fresh herbs were so refreshing together . I started to sweat after the spice kicked in.. After I ate half a bowl, I added yuzukosho spice and enjoyed the change of flavour.

The beautiful aroma of yuzu changes the dish when added, you will never be bored at the bottom of the bowl.
On the table you can also find homemade spicy oil, and kombu vinegar(Kelp vinegar). It’s your call, you can make your own maze men.

After finishing the noodles I asked for oimeshi (complementary rice) to add.

Put the rice in, then mix again. You can call this Mazemeshi(Mixed rice). Awesome! If you like it spicier, sprinkle on little bit of pepper.

Man, was that satisfying.

As there are so many choices of toppings. Enjoy your own original mazemen experience.

【Mazemen mahoroba】

Address:1 Chome-2-17 Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken
Business Hours:11:30-14:00/17:30-22:00
※Shop closes when the noodles run out.
Closed:Tuesday. every 3rd Monday of the month (Wednesday if Monday is a holiday.)

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