Pork and spring onions make a perfectly delicious Hiyashi chuka. Go visit 「Menya An」 in Naha city.

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On the hottest days in Summer you might not feel like eating a bowl of hot Ramen. That is why many ramen shops serve「Hiyashi chuka」 in the Summer.

Hiyashi Cyuka is generally a delicious and savoury cold noodle dish. Chilled ramen noodles are topped with cold toppings. It’a typical noodle dish eaten all over Japan during the summer months.

This time I visited 「Menya An」. They just opened in December 2015 and they serve Ramen and Okinawa soba as a speciality. I noticed that they just started to serve Hiyashi chuka, so I thought I`d give it a try!

Every dish is around ¥600. Reasonably priced, isn't it?

First, I bought a meal coupon at the ticket machine.

I ordered Hiyashi chuka ¥650. I opted for the Ohmori(big) size. Only ¥50 extra. The portion was way bigger than I expected! What a nice surprise.

The toppings were pork, shredded egg omelette, and 2 kinds of chopped spring onions. The pork was boiled(shabu shabu style) so excess fat is reduced yet the sweetness of the pork itself remained. The sauce they use is a soy sauce base along with a hint of sesame oil. Simple is best, you`ll never be bored of this taste.

They boil the noodles just right. Ramen noodles are rinsed under fresh cold water. The ramen noodles are not thick but they have a firm texture which I like. They boil the noodles so they`re more on the firm side. That being said, upon request they will adjust the cooking time.

You can add their home made red coloured pickled ginger. It tasted so refreshing. You can also adjust the flavour with kelp vinegar.

Man, was that satisfying.

The selection of toppings on chilled noodles is small but the noodles are so good that I ate an Ohmori(big portion) without a problem!
I enjoyed this meal down to the last drop of sauce. I was so satisfied!

【Menya An】

Address:2 Chome-1-47 Matsugawa, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken
Business hours:11:30-15:00

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