Why not try Hiyashi Cyuka at 「Sankakuten」, a popular restaurant in Naha Okinawa?

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During the summertime, I always have a strong craving for Hiyashi Cyuka.

Hiyashi Cyuka is generally a delicious and savoury cold noodle dish. Chilled ramen noodles are topped with cold toppings. It’a typical noodle dish eaten all over Japan during the summer months.

The sauce is usually a soy sauce and vinegar base or sesame paste base. The flavour of the sauce varies by area and shop.

This time I went to 「Sankakuten」. They have a good reputation for their ramen and curry. Outside, the wall is painted orange, the inside is clean. No wonder there are so many female customers in the shop.

Their price is reasonable too. Okinawa soba is just ¥600 and special chicken curry is just ¥830.
Hiyashi Cyuka is ¥830 and you get a choice of Futsuu mori(medium) and Tokumori(special) for the same price. I didn’t hesitate to order Tokumori of course!

Hiyashi cyuka tokumori ¥830.
The toppings were Chasyu (barbecued pork), sliced tomatoes, mizuna greens, cucumber, menma (salted bamboo), and shredded egg omelette. It was so filling.

The broth was a soy sauce and vinegar base. It was so refreshing, I loved it! Simple is best. The home made noodles looked like Japanese soba. The noodles are rinsed well under fresh cold water. They had a firm texture which I liked.

I added some red pickled ginger and mustard as well to enjoy the change in taste.

Man, was that satisfying.

Even on hot days when you don't have any appetite, you can eat Hiyashi cyuka without a problem. This dish sure has a nice balance of carbohydrates and veggies. Remember though, this menu is only available in Summer. Make sure you don’t miss it.


Address:185-1 Yogi, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken
Business Hours:Wednesday-Saturday11:30-15:00 /18:45-22:00, Sunday & Monday 11:15-15:30 ( Only open for lunch hours)
Access:8 minutes from the Asato station by Taxi.

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