The first Omu-rice in Japan! “Hokkyokusei Shinsaibashi main branch” established in Osaka in 1922!

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This restaurant is located in the Shinsaibashi area of Osaka near Dotonbori. There is a section of Shinsaibashi called Amerika-Mura. It is a trendy area for the young generation. In Amerika-Mura there is a traditional Japanese house that captures everyone`s eyes.
It is Osaka’s well known restaurant “Hokkyokusei”. This restaurant was established in 1922.
Hokkyokusei is an Omu-rice speciality shop with more than 10 locations in department stores throughout Osaka.

I went to eat lunch at the Hokkyokusei Shinsaibashi main branch.


Hokkyokusei is famous for being the originator of Omu-rice. The signature dish of Japan`s Yoshoku (Western-influenced Japanese food).
Some say Omu-rice started in “Rengatei" in Tokyo. Others say it started in “Hokkyokusei” in Osaka. That being said, “Hokkyokusei” is said to have established the recipe that is widely used today, that is wrapping ketchup flavoured rice with an omelette.

Hokkyokusei is famous for being the originator of Omu-rice
Hokkyokusei is famous for being the originator of Omu-rice

Even I had to line up outside but I got in earlier than I expected because it’s quite big inside.

Hokkyokusei is quite big inside

I passed under the Noren (traditional Japanese fabric divider hung in doorways) to enter the restaurant, wow! It looked more a like traditional Japanese Ryokan (B&B) than a restaurant! After I put my shoes away in a shoe locker, a staff member guided me into the Tatami mat room. Here one can dine with a view of the lovely garden.

Hokkyokusei Menu
Hokkyokusei Menu

The menu is provided in four languages, Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean! The most popular dish here is the standard chicken Omu-rice.
Aside from chicken, you can choose mushroom, shrimp, seafood, beef stew or seasonal ingredients for your Omu-rice. You can also enjoy a steak or a Japanese hamburger here.


5 minutes after my order, my Omu-rice was served.

Chicken Omu-rice ¥780
They wrapped chicken rice with a thin omelette, then poured a generous amount of their special tomato sauce on top.
Way to go!

Hokkyokusei, Chicken Omu-rice
Chicken Omu-rice

To make the tomato sauce, they use vegetables and chicken bones to get a nice stock.
It looks good and smells good. I wish my readers could smell this too!

Hokkyokusei, Chicken Omu-rice
Chicken Omu-rice

The omelette was fully cooked on the outside and the inside was underdone to perfection. It takes skill and experience to make an omelette that is fluffy and creamy!

Hokkyokusei, Chicken Omu-rice
Chicken Omu-rice

The chicken rice had diced chicken in it. The heavenly smell of the butter was irresistible.
The chicken rice and the tomato sauce were an unbeatable match. I could have kept eating.
After I had finished eating the only regret I had was that I didn’t order the big size (¥250 extra).

pickled ginger, Hokkyokusei
pickled ginger

The meal came with pickled ginger which is usually served with Sushi. It was very refreshing after eating a fried meal.

After eating the original Omu-rice, why don’t you go to America Mura where hip youngsters go to hang out.

Hokkyokusei Shinsaibashi main branch

Hokkyokusei Shinsaibashi main branch

2 Chome-7-27 Nishishinsaibashi, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi
5 minutes walk from Namba station exit25 on subway Midosuji line.
11:30 - 22:00(L.O.21:30)
weekends and holidays 11:00-22:00(L.O.21:30)
December 31st, New year day