Fukuoka – Cute and Lovely Japanese Sweets. Suzukake’s Dorayaki and Monaka

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Written by  Malimo

Suzukake is a famous long-standing Japanese sweets shop in Fukuoka. It has five locations in Fukuoka, as well as one in each Nagoya and Tokyo.
I hope you can come to see the seasonally-changing artful Japanese sweets in the shop’s display window for yourself!

Elegant Packages!

They carefully package your purchases in a paper bag emblazoned with “菓,” the character for sweets. It’s perfect for gifts.

This time, I purchased Suzukake’s specialties, “Dorayaki” and “Suzu no Monaka” (Bell Monaka).
Dorayaki is a sweet made by sandwiching sweet red bean paste between two discs of castella-like pastry.
Monaka is a sweet made by filling a thin crust of baked glutinous rice with sweet bean paste.

Bells and dorayaki; the combination is reminiscent of Japan’s famous animated series “Doraemon.”

Suzu no Monaka

[Suzu no Monaka]
[Suzu no Monaka]

Suzu no Monaka – 1 piece 100 yen.
These monaka, shaped like bells (suzu) as a callback to the store’s name, are adorable!

The shell is fragrant and delicious! The texture is crisp, even though it’s chock-full of red bean paste!
The red bean paste is smooth anko made from Hokkaido red beans. Its elegant sweetness is favored by both old and young.


Suzukake sells two different types of dorayaki.
Usually dorayaki is made using black adzuki bean paste, but both of these are made with white bean paste.

When you try and compare these two dorayaki, they actually have large differences in texture and flavor.

Mini Dorayaki “Suzu no◯Mochi”

[Mini Dorayaki “Suzu no◯Mochi”]
[Mini Dorayaki “Suzu no◯Mochi”]

Mini Dorayaki “Suzu no◯Mochi” 100 yen
Made using glutinous rice from Saga Prefecture, the shell of the dorayaki is surprisingly flexible. The texture is springy, different from regular dorayaki!
Even the mini sized dorayaki are filling. The coarse bean paste has a moderate sweetness to it and pairs well with the shell.

Regular-Size Dorayaki

[Regular-Size Dorayaki ]
[Regular-Size Dorayaki ]

Regular-Size Dorayaki 150 yen

The pattern of the outside looks so delicious.

Unlike the mini dorayaki, this one has a fluffy and light texture.
The white bean paste has an elegant sweetness that you can enjoy with the large pieces of bean.

This shop’s variety of sweets all convey that they’ve been carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients.
All of the beautiful confections at Suzukake make you want to share them with others as a gift, as well as eat them yourself.
They may be small, but they are very reasonably priced.

Customers can also enjoy parfaits, Japanese sweets, curry, pasta, and a variety of other foods at the attached café. I recommend the popular Japanese-style parfait!

Basic information on Hakata – Suzukake Main Store

Hakata – Suzukake Main Store

Fukugin Hakata Building 1st Floor, 12-20 Kamikawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
1-minute walk from Exit 5 of Fukuoka City Subway’s Nakasu-Kawabata Station
Business Hours
9:00-20:00 (Sweets Sales). 11:00-20:00 (Café. Last orders for food at 19:00 and sweets at 19:30).
January 1st and 2nd