The Evolution of Pancakes in Fukuoka! “Original Pancake House”

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Written by  Malimo

Hakata Station in Fukuoka is surrounded by a variety of facilities, like the Hakata Bus Terminal, JR Hakata City, Hakata Hankyu, and KITTE Hakata Marui, so people in the area can enjoy shopping and eating gourmet foods all day long!
This time, I’ll be introducing you to the American pancake restaurant, “Original Pancake House,” located in KITTE Hakata Marui! Their “Dutch Baby,” listed on their menu board, is always a hit!
The only three locations in Japan are in Tokyo, and only one of those is in Hakata.

A Chic Interior♡

The interior is really cute, with cushions lining the sofa seats. The staff are cute too!

A Chic Interior
A Chic Interior

What Is a Dutch Baby?

The “Dutch Baby” listed on the restaurant’s menu board is a strangely-shaped type of pancake.
Dutch Babies are made using a special batter called German batter, which is made with plenty of eggs, and cooked in an oven rather than a pan.

The young girls sitting next to me were excitedly chatting and taking photos of themselves with their Dutch Babies. I was actually a bit worried that I’d end up in the background of their pictures on social media….

Dutch Baby
Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby 1,340 yen

The restaurant’s staff puts the finishing touches on piping hot Dutch Babies at the table. How exciting!
It’s finished off with plenty of whipped butter, fresh-squeezed lemon, and powdered sugar.

Dutch Baby
Dutch Baby

The Dutch Baby does not come with maple syrup.
They also serve a more standard buttermilk pancake for maple syrup lovers. I’d love to try that one too!

Dutch Baby

The Dutch Baby’s texture is more like that of a thick crepe than a pancake. The outer section looks like the soft shell of a cream puff. Delicious! Strangely enough, I didn’t taste much of the lemon’s sourness.
I’d also recommend topping this with something like vanilla ice cream!
Original Pancake House also offers other options, such as salads topped with vegetables and cheese.

The Dutch Baby is as big as both of my hands put together, but the lemon juice is refreshing, and you’ll find yourself wanting to lick your plate clean!
This time around I split this one with another person, but one person could eat a full one too!

Their Drinks are Delicious Too!

Crunky Mocha Frappe 560 yen

This one tastes like a chocolate drink. It’s just the right level of sweetness. Delicious!

Crunky Mocha Frappe 560 yen
Crunky Mocha Frappe 560 yen

Chocolatte 550 yen

This one tastes more like coffee. Tasty and easy to drink!

Chocolatte 550 yen
Chocolatte 550 yen

Original Pancake House was a girly, cute, and delicious restaurant!

I also complimented my best friend who came with me on her cute shirt, and with a triumphant look she told me, “I got it at Shimamura for 50 yen!” Our girl power is finding cheap stuff. (lol)
Incidentally, there’s also a “Fashion Center Shimamura” in the Hakata Bus Terminal, so you can rest easy knowing you can get yourself a change of clothes if you eat so much you go up a size! (lol)

Original Pancake House, Hakata Store

Hakata Marui 2F, 9-1 Hakataekichuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
A 1-minute walk from Hakata Station
Business Hours
10:00-21:00 (L.O.20:15)
No fixed days off (according to Hakata Marui hours)