A Popular Taiyaki Specialty Store in Fukuoka. Carefully-Crafted Taiyaki, Only 140 Yen!

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Written by Malimo

This time, I’ll be introducing a popular shop in Fukuoka that specializes in taiyaki, “Hakata Hiiragi.”
It’s 1 minute on foot from Akasaka Station.
Taiyaki is a sweet baked good made of dough that is filled and then cooked in a mold the shape of a sea bream (“tai” in Japanese).
The filling is typically sweet red bean paste.

Hakata Hiiragi is a simple and elegant shop. If you peek in wondering what kinds of refined Japanese sweets they sell, you’ll find out that they only sell one thing: a single variety of taiyaki. It is a takeout-only shop.

Taiyaki, Hakata Hiiragi

I came in just as they finished making a batch, so I was able to buy two right away!
I’ve heard that if you come at the wrong time, you could have to wait for up to an hour, so this was extraordinarily lucky for me.

Taiyaki, Hakata Hiiragi

The taiyaki are 140 yen each.
The moment I bit into it, I could tell these were different than other taiyaki.
The outer shell was crunchy and fragrant. Apparently these taiyaki take over 30 minutes to bake.

Taiyaki, Hakata Hiiragi

I recommend eating them as soon after they finish baking as possible! The outer shell will absorb the filling’s moisture over time, so the texture will be different.
At the shop, they explained to me that you can restore the texture if you bake it in a toaster oven.

Taiyaki, Hakata Hiiragi

The red bean paste filling is house-made, using 100% Hokkaido-grown adzuki beans. The red bean paste, made fresh every morning, has a gentle sweetness to it.
For as cheap as 140 yen is, the taiyaki are packed full of red bean paste.

Taiyaki, Hakata Hiiragi
Taiyaki, Hakata Hiiragi

To prevent congestion and backlog, there is a limit of 15 taiyaki per person.

Basic information on Hakata Hiiragi

Hakata Hiiragi

2-4-38 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
1 minute on foot from Akasaka Station
10:00-19:00 (Limited Quantity)


Birth place: Nagasaki prefecture


I love trying out the shops with high reputation or restaurants that I’m curious about in Fukuoka and Nagasaki area.