Enjoy Poppy Flowers at the Beer Factory! “Kirin Beer Park Fukuoka”

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Around 10 Million Poppy Flowers in a 7-Hectare Garden

The garden in front of the beer factory is filled with blooming cherry blossoms and poppies in spring, and cosmos in the fall.
Around 10 million poppy flowers are in bloom to enjoy from mid-to-late May. The park is free to get in to, so during blooming season the area is very crowded!
On the park’s free tours, you can see first-hand the ingredients and materials used to make beer, taste the wort that becomes beer, and even taste freshly-made beer.
Enjoy a tour of the factory alongside the blooming flowers!


The gardens are this expansive when you look down from above!

Around 10 million cosmos bloom in the autumn!

Adorable Cosmos (Early-to-Late October)

After the factory tour, it’s time for a fun beer tasting!
Fresh-made beer is not the only available drink; non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks are also available.
The factory line is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so we recommend visiting on weekdays.

Beer Tasting
[Beer Tasting]

Video of Kirin Beer Park Fukuoka

Basic information on Enjoy Poppy Flowers at the Beer Factory! “Kirin Beer Park Fukuoka”

Enjoy Poppy Flowers at the Beer Factory! “Kirin Beer Park Fukuoka”

3601 Mada, Asakura City, Fukuoka
Kirin Beer Fukuoka Factory
15 minutes on foot from Amagi Railway’s “Tachiarai Station”
Blooming Season
Poppies: May 13, 2017 - May 28, 2017
Factory Tour Hours
10:00-15:00 (starts every hour on the hour) *Tours last 70 minutes
Free (factory tours require advance reservation)
Mondays (if Monday falls on a holiday, the factory stays open, but closes the next following weekday), New Year’s holiday
*Garden is always open