Tokyo GINZA SIX “Tempura Yamanoue”

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A new landmark in Ginza, GINZA SIX, had its grand opening on April 20th of 2017!
This building is one of the largest in Ginza, the most prestigious shopping district in Japan, and it is crowded every day!
The top floor, floor 13, hosts nothing but premium restaurant and drinking establishments. Among those is a newly opened location for “Tempura Yamanoue,” a restaurant operated and owned by Yamanoue Hotel in Tokyo’s Chiyoda-ku, and I just had to hurry over for lunch!
This is a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic tempura.

Japanese name: てんぷら山の上

Exterior view
Exterior view

The interior is larger than you would expect, and it is beautifully decorated in a Japanese style. You can also enjoy a view of Ginza from the windows.
The 50 available seats in the restaurant are a mix of counter, table, and private room seats.

The lunch menu

The lunch menu consists of donburi dishes and course meals.

the lunch menu
the lunch menu
the lunch menu
the lunch menu

The Omakase 1 (Chef’s Choice 1) course

This time, I ordered the Omakase 1 (Chef’s Choice 1) course.
The price is 8000 yen (plus tax and a 10% service fee).

The tempura comes with a specially-made dipping sauce and salt.
The dipping sauce is made with a blend of dashi, made from a generous amount of the finest bonito flakes from Kagoshima Prefecture, mirin, and soy sauce.
The salt is a high-quality variety made in Okinawa Prefecture’s Aguni Island.

with sauce or salt
with sauce or salt

Fresh ingredients, bought that morning, are fried to a perfect crisp in high quality sesame oil.
I was seated at the counter, so I was able to watch the chef fry my food right in front of me. At the very beginning they will show you the different ingredients that they will be frying, so be sure to let them know at that point if there is anything you can’t have!

the chef fry my food right in front of me
the chef fry my food right in front of me

Fried shrimp

First up was 2 pieces of shrimp.
It was tender and had a hint of sweetness to it; exquisite!
It comes with 2 pieces, so try them with both the dipping sauce and salt!

Japanese name: 海老

Fried shrimp(海老)
Fried shrimp(海老)

Fried shrimp legs

Next is fried shrimp legsThe legs are crunchy and fragrant, delicious!
The legs are crunchy and fragrant, delicious!

Japanese name:足の素揚げ付

Fried shrimp legs(足の素揚げ付)
Fried shrimp legs(足の素揚げ付)


Japanese name:きす


Aralia Sprout

Japanese namet:たらの芽

Aralia Sprout(たらの芽)
Aralia Sprout(たらの芽)

Butterbur Sprout

These are pleasantly bitter.

Japanese name:ふきのとう

Butterbur Sprout(ふきのとう)
Butterbur Sprout(ふきのとう)

White shrimp wrapped in perilla leaf

This is white shrimp wrapped in perilla leaf. It has a lovely fragrance to it.

Japanese name:白海老を大葉で包んだもの

white shrimp wrapped in perilla leaf(白海老を大葉で包んだもの)
white shrimp wrapped in perilla leaf(白海老を大葉で包んだもの)


Japanese name:アスパラガス


Bamboo Shoots

These are cooked with Japanese pepper, and they have a lovely aroma.

Japanese name:たけのこ山椒入り

Bamboo Shoots(たけのこ山椒入り)
Bamboo Shoots(たけのこ山椒入り)


The conger eel, the last dish, came as “tendon” atop a bowl of rice.
The eel is large and has plenty of fat, making for a luxurious and delicious dish!
The red miso soup has freshwater clams in it.

Japanese name:穴子天丼

The dessert is matcha ice cream.

matcha ice cream
matcha ice cream

The chef puts food out depending on each customer’s pace of eating, so you can enjoy each piece freshly fried.
As to be expected from a specialty restaurant, the flavors, service, and atmosphere were all top-notch!

Basic information on Tempura Yamanoue GINZA

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Information on Tempura Yamanoue GINZA

6-10-1 GINZA SIX 13F, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
A 2-minute walk from the A3 exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, and Hibiya Line’s “Ginza Station”
A 3-minute walk from the A1 exit of Tokyo Metro Asakusa Line and Hibiya Line’s Higashi-Ginza Station
Business Hours
11:00-15:00(L.O.14:00), 17:00-23:30(L.O.20:30)
Open 365 days