A Tendon and Ramen Set at Tokyo’s “Tendon Ramen Hageten”

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Today I had lunch at “Tendon Ramen Hageten.”
It’s a new restaurant, made possible by a collaboration between tempura restaurant with 93 locations nation-wide “Ginza Hageten” and Fukuoka-originated global ramen brand “Ippudo.”

It just opened in March of 2018.

Ticket Vending Machine
Ticket Vending Machine

The menu options consist mostly of tendon (tempura rice bowls) and ramen sets. You can also order items like tendon by itself.
For the tendon, you can also choose high-grade tendon, kakiage tendon, and vegetable tendon in addition to the standard version.

Ordering a Tendon and Ramen Set

Tendon and Ramen 1380 yen
Tendon and Ramen 1380 yen

The ramen that comes with the set is mini sized.

Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen

The ramen is unique to this restaurant but is based off of Ippudo’s tonkotsu ramen.
It comes with super-fine noodles, and is topped with naruto, green onion, and menma.
It’s a light and not greasy soup that pairs well with tempura.
It was delicious and didn’t have any off smell from the pork bones.

Tendon (2 Shrimp, 2 Vegetables, 1 Seafood, 1 Tempura Soft-Boiled Egg)
Tendon (2 Shrimp, 2 Vegetables, 1 Seafood, 1 Tempura Soft-Boiled Egg)

The rice is topped with the tempura and a special sauce.
The tempura was freshly fried and very crispy!
It’s rare to find a tempura soft-boiled egg somewhere, and it was really delicious.
The seafood item was sillago, while the vegetables were shishito pepper and lotus root.

Commentary on Hageten and Ramen
Commentary on Hageten and Ramen

The commentary wrote that Hageten had created “ramen that pairs with tempura.”程等內容。

Hageten is somewhere you can enjoy tempura and ramen at the same time, both popular Japanese food items, so of course there were a lot of tourist customers in the restaurant.
You can eat your fill here for cheap, so I’m sure it’ll keep getting more and more popular too.

Basic information on Tendon Ramen Hageten

Ginza Shippo Building 1F, 5-6-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
2 minutes on foot from Ginza Station
Business Hours
11:00 am - 10:30 pm (Last admission 10:00 pm)
Open every day