DAISO “GIRL’S TREND Research Lab” Key Chain! – A review of affordable items

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Written by  secci

In this series, I introduce you to recent cool finds I make at the 100 yen shop in Japan.
This time, I am going to talk about the key chain called “STAR” by DAISO.

Key chain

100 yen each (Tax excl.)

I found a cute star-shaped key chain at DAISO.

This item is one of “GIRL’S TREND Research Lab” products by DAISO.
The theme of the lineup is “kawaii (cute)” and they are really popular among young girls. The lineup includes products such as stationaries, smart-phone items and accessories.

Close-up of the product name
Close-up of the product name

There are many DAISO shops that have a special corner for the GIRL’S TREND Research Lab items, so that should be the first place to look for this key chain. Depending on which store you go to, they may be sold out already though.

The key chain in a plastic package
The key chain in a plastic package

A combination of shiny bijou and a star ♡
There are silver and pink-gold colors.
Can you believe something this cute is only ¥100?Why not get them both?

I thought I may be a little too old to openly carry these cute key chains, so I am secretly using them for my car key. ♪

Items in the lineup are continuing to grow! “Cute “products other than this one include party items that will look great on your SNS and goods useful in winter. Why not go look for reasonable and cute items yourself?