Enjoy Deep Red Shoyu Ramen at Osaka’s Prestigious Shoyu Ramen Restaurant, “Kinguemon”!

Written by takoyakikun
5 Jan 2018
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Kinguemon, a famous restaurant specializing in shoyu ramen, has its main location in Osaka City.
This incredibly popular restaurant currently has locations not only in Osaka, but in places like Kyoto and Shimane as well.

A Retro Exterior

This time, I visited the Umeda location. It is located in a slightly dubious alleyway. Despite its popularity, the inside of the shop is small, with only counter seats available.

Just after sitting down I ordered some beer. 1 bottle of beer, 510 yen.

beer, 510 yen.
beer, 510 yen.

Kinguemon’s Ramen Menu

They may be an expert on shoyu ramen, but when it came to time to order, it was surprisingly hard to choose, as there were five different types to choose from.

Gold Shoyu Ramen (670 yen)

A gentle flavor from a light soy sauce base. It looks like a very lightly flavored soup, but it still has good body. Many gourmets are fans of this type.

Black Shoyu Ramen (670 yen)

A strong flavor from a dark soy sauce base.

Red Shoyu Ramen (670 yen)

A perfect blend of light and dark soy sauce goes perfectly with Chinese noodles.

Osaka Black (720 yen)

A strong flavor from a dark soy sauce base. More refreshing than its visual impact would have you believe. The definition of “Osaka shoyu ramen.”

Naniwa Black (770 yen)

Shoyu ramen that adds the umami of ingredients like oysters, clams, and sardines to the Osaka black base.

A soft-boiled egg is 100 yen, extra char siu is 260 yen, and a larger portion is 100 yen.
※By the way, a half-size menu is available for women and children. Half portions are 100 yen off of the above prices.

The Ultimate Chinese Noodles in Red Shoyu Ramen

This time, I decided on the “red shoyu ramen,” which is advertised on the Umeda location’s menu board outside!
At a glance, it looks very simple, topped with just char siu, menma, and green onion.

Red Shoyu Ramen 670 yen
Red Shoyu Ramen 670 yen


The soup is surprisingly amazingly delicious!

The soup is mild but very fragrant, to the point that I had to wonder if it had been crafted by a soy sauce magician! The body and umami of the soup is amazing!



The noodles are thin and pair harmoniously with the soup! Too delicious!


Char siu

The fatty stewed char siu goes perfectly with beer!

char siu
char siu


The texture of the menma is important with soy sauce based ramen. These menma were large and delightfully crunchy, another delicious element!


This red shoyu ramen combines different soy sauces to create a delightful flavor. Impeccable!
It’s so delicious that you’ll end up drinking all the broth.

The cost-performance of this ramen is also great! I’ll definitely be back to try another type!

Basic Information on Kinguemon

Kinguemon – Umeda Location

1-2-20 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
8 minutes on foot from Higashi-Umeda Station
Business Hours
11:00-4:00 a.m.

Kinguemon – Dotonbori Location

1-4-17 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
5 minutes on foot from Osaka Namba Station
Business Hours
11:00-8:00 a.m.
Open every day