Tokyo German Village

Enjoy Seasonal Flowers and German Cuisine in this Popular Winter Illumination Spot

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Theme park

This is a theme park offering experiences in a natural environment recreating the rural landscape of Germany.
Within the park grounds, there is a free play area, a Ferris wheel, a putter golf course, and a grass skiing course. Adults and children alike can have fun here!
Beautiful flowers also bloom in every season. Visitors can also experience picking seasonal fruits and vegetables grown within the park grounds.
Limited to winter, the illumination display is recognized one of the three best in the Kanto region, and is listed among the Yakei Isan, or "Nightscape Heritage" sites.


  • Visitors can tour every part of the park in a car. .
  • Flowers can be enjoyed in each season here. .
  • Savor German beer and sausage at this park. .
  • Winter illumination displays are featured here.


  • Snapdragon flowers (May is the season to see them)

    Snapdragon flowers (May is the season to see them)

  • "Sakura" cherry blossoms and "shibazakura" moss phlox

    "Sakura" cherry blossoms and "shibazakura" moss phlox

  • Winter illumination displays

    Winter illumination displays


  • 孫佳玲


  • 飛芸姐


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
419 Nagayoshi, Sodegaura City, Chiba
Adults: 800 yen, Elementary School Students and under: 400 yen, Children 4 and under: Free
*Parking spaces cost 1000 yen per car.
*Paid attractions will be charged whenever used.
No holidays
*The park may be closed on special occasions.
Business Hours
9:30am-5:00pm (Admission allowed until 4:00pm)
*During the illumination period, the park is open until 8:00pm.
*There may be changes to the schedule.
About 15 minutes by taxi from Higashi-Yokota Station on the JR Kururi Line
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)