Founded in 1862, the Oldest Wooden Shop on Taishakuten Sando Sells Traditional Wagashi Japanese Sweets

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Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)

Ishii is a long-standing wagashi (Japanese sweets) store founded in 1862, back when Tokyo was still known as “Edo.” The building the store is in is over 200 years old, although the specific year of its construction is unknown. The building is a treasure in itself, being of an Edo-period mercantile architecture known as “dashiketa-zukuri,” with a dignified appearance, a dirt floor out front, and a roll-up shutter entrance. The shop specializes in take-out goods, and various famous products are lined up for perusal at the counter. Their “Kome-Kome Roll (Rice-Rice Roll)” is very well known and their most popular product, made with a smooth dough of rice flour from both mochi rice and regular rice, and filled with plenty of pure fresh cream. Their “Torayaki,” a take on dorayaki, comes in a variety of flavors, including “Anko no Tora” packed with plenty of not-too-sweet red bean paste, as well as cream and salt flavors. Their “Kuzu Mochi” is a Kanto-style take on “kuzu mochi” made with an old-timey traditional method, and shops that make and sell this treat in Tokyo are quite rare. Picking out a variety of wagashi for take-out to enjoy the flavors of a long-standing shop is an indispensable part of experiencing walking around Taishakuten Sando. There are also a variety of tsukemono (pickled items) along the right side of the shop, which make great souvenirs.


  • The oldest wooden storefront along Shibamata Taishakuten Sando, and a quaint shop that has been carefully watched over and passed down for generations.
  • Their “Kome-Kome Roll” is a super-popular product, a dough made with preparations for both rice and castella cakes, then filled with Japanese pure fresh cream.
  • The buns for their “Torayaki” are made by hand one by one in a copper ichimonji pan, and there are many people who are huge fans of them.
  • Showings of how “Torayaki” are made are held several times a day.
  • Their “lightly-pickled cucumber” is a popular choice, made with ingredients from a vegetable sommelier greengrocer.


  • The Exterior

    The Exterior

  • “Kome-Kome Roll,” filled with Japanese pure fresh cream

    “Kome-Kome Roll,” filled with Japanese pure fresh cream

  • The shop’s popular “Torayaki” comes in a variety of flavors

    The shop’s popular “Torayaki” comes in a variety of flavors

  • “Kuzu Mochi” corner

    “Kuzu Mochi” corner

  • Tsukemono corner

    Tsukemono corner

  • Various items perfect for souvenirs are available

    Various items perfect for souvenirs are available

  • Gelato corner, perfect for enjoying while walking around in the summer

    Gelato corner, perfect for enjoying while walking around in the summer


  • 饒倩如


  • 郭宗財


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Health and Sanitation Measures

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizing.

  • Face masks worn by staff.

※Tight measures are employed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in addition to an already well-ventilated takeout shop.


Name in Japanese
Postal Code
7-6-20 Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number
No scheduled holidays
Business Hours
Weekdays: 8:30am-5:00pm, Sundays/Holidays: 8:30am-6:00pm
500-1,000 yen
(1) About a 3-minute walk from the Keisei Kanamachi Line’s Shibamata Station
(2) About a 13-minute walk from the Hokuso Line’s Shin-Shibamata Station
Available (takeout only)
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website(Japanese)