A Japanese-Style Take on a New Texture for Gaufrettes with Rich Buttery Flavor

Sweets Store

This butter gaufrettes specialty store is operated by BAKE Co. Ltd., which produced the popular “Pressed Butter Sand” cookie both in Japan and overseas.
The person in charge of the shop’s development was inspired by the deliciousness of the traditional French confectionery “gaufrettes,” transforming it into a style of sweet that would appeal to Japanese people by using carefully-selected ingredients and manufacturing methods. These gaufrettes feature a chewier texture than traditional authentic gaufrettes to match Japanese tastes. The dough is made with plenty of Belgian fermented butter, and the baked cookies are sandwiched around buttercream and vanilla milk jam.

At the TOKYO GIFT PALETTE location, not only can you can purchase products wrapped in stylish packaging that makes great souvenirs and gifts, but you can also buy individual items freshly baked in-store!
The store and package’s designs are created by young artists and in-house designers, so you can get a great feel for their newness and artistic sense.


  • A new, chewy texture for gaufrettes.
  • Freshly-baked items are available for purchase in store.
  • The products’ packaging is stylish, making it great for souvenirs and gifts.
  • Located inside “TOKYO GIFT PALETTE,” just outside of the Yaesu North exit of Tokyo Station.



  • Shop exterior
  • Freshly-baked items are available for individual purchase
  • Items being baked in-store
  • The gaufrettes are filled with buttercream and vanilla milk jam
  • The stylish packaging makes these perfect for souvenirs and gifts
  • Signboard


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Name in Japanese
SOLES GAUFRETTE (ソールズゴーフレット)
Postal Code
Inside TOKYO GIFT PALETTE, Tokyo Station Yaesu North exit, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours
Weekdays 9:30am-8:30pm
Weekend and public holidays 9:00am-8:30pm
Open every day
Directly outside the Yaesu North exit of JR Tokyo Station
Payment Methods
Cash, credit cards, electronic payments, code payments
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)