Oosumi Tamaya

The “Original” Ichigo Daifuku Shop, Deliciously Combining Sweet Red Bean Paste with Sweet-and-Sour Strawberries

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Japanese sweets Shop

Oosumi Tamaya is the original creator of ichigo daifuku, where a large strawberry is put inside of daifuku.
It was first made after New Year of 1985, a time of an economic bubble, when Oosumi Tamaya’s 3rd president Wahei Oosumi read a newspaper column that stated, “The era of Western confectioneries and cakes is coming to an end, and a catalyst can bring about the era of Japanese sweets.” Inspired by strawberry shortcake, the original ichigo daifuku was created by combining Japan’s traditional sweet daifuku with a strawberry.

In 1987, he was awarded for the hit of ichigo-mame daifuku, receiving an honorable mention award from the Japan confectionery association Towakai. Later, Oosumi Tamaya’s ichigo daifuku were chronicled in the history of Japanese confections in the “Toraya Archives,” published by Toraya in Akasaka.
The “Shinkansen Monaka,” developed for the shop location in Tokyo Station, is a monaka and package both designed to look like the new “N700S” train that debuted on July 1st of 2020. Not only is this treat delicious, but it’s fun to look at too!


  • The “original” ichigo daifuku, a beloved treat for many years, is made by hand every morning using exclusively high-quality Japanese ingredients.
  • Various carefully-made wagashi (Japanese sweets) are available for purchase.
  • ”Shinkansen Monaka” comes in 3 and 6pcs packages, and the packaging is covered with designs representing famous places along the Tokaido Shinkansen, making it a popular souvenir or gift.
  • Located inside “TOKYO GIFT PALETTE,” just outside of the Yaesu North exit of Tokyo Station.


  • Ichigo-mame daifuku

    Ichigo-mame daifuku

  • Shinkansen Monaka

    Shinkansen Monaka

  • Even the package design for the Shinkansen Monaka is created with care

    Even the package design for the Shinkansen Monaka is created with care

  • Shinkansen Monaka

    Shinkansen Monaka

  • Shinkansen Monaka

    Shinkansen Monaka

  • Tora-san no Banana (Tiger’s Banana)

    Tora-san no Banana (Tiger’s Banana)

  • A variety of Japanese sweets

    A variety of Japanese sweets

  • A variety of Japanese sweets

    A variety of Japanese sweets

  • Store



  • 林生安


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Name in Japanese
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Inside TOKYO GIFT PALETTE, Tokyo Station Yaesu North exit, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours
Weekdays 9:30am-8:30pm
Weekend and public holidays 9:00am-8:30pm
Open every day
Directly outside the Yaesu North exit of JR Tokyo Station
Payment Methods
Cash, credit cards, electronic payments, code payments
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Official Website (Japanese)