Rose Garden (Chosei Seko Memorial Park)

2 Blooming seasons a year - Saitama’s largest rose garden.


Chosei Seko Memorial Park hosts Saitama’s largest rose garden. On the spacious 1.2 hectare premises, 400 species and more than 5000 plants of roses grow. Throughout the year, they are carefully cultivated and transplanted.

The number of roses has been increasing with flowerbeds designed in geometrical patterns and big arche. The site is divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd Rose Garden. The 3rd area has a rose named “Urawa Red Diamonds” named after Saitama’s soccer team. Benches and arbors are set up so you can take some rest and enjoy the heavenly fragrance.

When the blooming season comes in spring (early May through early June) and in fall (late October through mid November), Rose Festival is hosted, where rose seedlings and local vegetables are sold, along with Japanese drum performance and concerts. Though visitors are many, the premises are huge and you will have an enjoyable space.


  • 400 species and more than 5000 plants of roses in Saitama's largest rose garden.
  • A rose, Urawa Red Diamonds, named after the local soccer team is planted.
  • Many benches and arbors for some rest.
  • Rose Festival in the blooming season of spring and fall.


  • Rose garden on a huge 1.2-hectare premises

    Rose garden on a huge 1.2-hectare premises

  • Brilliant red roses stand out

    Brilliant red roses stand out

  • Urawa Red Diamonds

    Urawa Red Diamonds

  • Picturesque rest area

    Picturesque rest area

  • Take a break surrounded by roses

    Take a break surrounded by roses


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
732-1 Kobariuchijuku, Inamachi, Kitaadachi-gun, Saitama
048-721-2111 (Ina Town Planning Department Park Management Division)
350yen (Only during blooming seasons)
No closing day
10-min walk from Saitama New Urban Transit, Ina Line, New Shuttle, Uchijuku Station
Official Website
Official Website (English)