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Jomine Park

Breath-taking scenery of winter cherry and Japanese maple.

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Jomine Park sits on a plateau 500m above sea level at half-way of Kami Mountain. The Park is the center of tourism in the neighboring area. The rare winter-blooming cherry trees in the Park are getting attention.

They flower from late fall into early winter. They are also called October cherry and come with light-pink, double petals, making a beautiful scenery surrounded by Japanese maple. The observation deck in the cherry garden gives an especially stunning pink and red view. Lighting-up begins in late October into early December while winter cherries bloom, presenting a fantasy world, different from the daytime.

Jomine Park Camping Ground, Rest House Jomine, and Barbecue House are on the premises, letting you relax in nature all day. On the last Sunday of October, there is the Winter Cherry Festival, where local products are sold and a drawing and other fun events are held. Each year, many tourists are attracted to the Festival.


  • Rare winter-blooming cherry.
  • Stunning view of Japanese maple and cherry blossoms.
  • Dreamy night cherry blossoms with the light-up.
  • Winter cherry is at a peak from late October through early December.
  • Besides winter cherry and Japanese maple, you can enjoy BBQ and camping.


  • Tapestry of winter cherry and Japanese maple

    Tapestry of winter cherry and Japanese maple

  • Adorable winter cherry overcoming the chilly season

    Adorable winter cherry overcoming the chilly season



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
1277-3 Yano, Kamikawamachi, Kodamagun, Saitama
0495-77-0703 (Kamikawa-machi Town Office, Economy and Tourism Division)
8:30am-5:00pm (Winter cherry is illuminated until 8pm)
No closing day
1) 30-min drive from JR Hachiko Line, Tansho Station
2) 40-min drive from Kanetsu Expressway, Kodama Interchange
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