Gunkanjima (Hashima Island)

An abandoned island and registered UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

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World heritage site

Hashima, also known as “Gunkanjima” or “battleship island”, is an uninhabited island that sits approx. 18km off the port of Nagasaki.
With the island’s surrounding concrete breakwater wall and multi-story apartment complex inside, the island was nicknamed “Battleship Island” for its apparent resemblance to Battleship Tosa.

Hashima island served for many years as a coal mining site after coal was first discovered here around 1810.
At its peak in the 1960s, there were an approximate 5,300 people who lived on the island.
It’s home to Japan’s first ever steel-frame concrete apartment complex, but was also home to a hospital, a school, shops, a movie theatre and entertainment buildings that served the people who lived there.
However, Japan’s primary energy source switched from coal to oil, leading to a closure of the coal mine in January of 1974. By April of that year all residents left the island and it has remained uninhabited ever since.

As the buildings have continued to deteriorate, this literally abandoned island has become popular for its unique air and mystique. It has since been used as a set in a number of movies, dramas, music videos and other famous titles including “Attack on Titan”, James Bond movie “Skyfall” and more.

Hashima Island has been cleared for tourism as of 2009.
It was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2015.


  • Registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site as of 2015.
  • Tours of the island now available.
  • The islands visible deteriorated and desolate state draws crowds for its eerie beauty.
  • Used as a location set for Attack on Titan and Skyfall.



  • Gunkanjima


  • Apartment building

    Apartment building

  • Gunkanjima


  • Cruise tour around Gunkanjima “Battleship” Island.

    Cruise tour around Gunkanjima “Battleship” Island.

  • Gunkanjima


  • Gunkanjima


  • Hashima Island, lit by the setting sun.

    Hashima Island, lit by the setting sun.


  • 楊華


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Hashima, Takashima-cho, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki
095-829-1314 (Nagasaki City Hall, Tourism Division)
Different ferry locations available depending on selected tour company.
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