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Kakinoha sushi Yakko

A specialty shop for Kakinoha sushi, a traditional local food of Nara, on Mt.Yoshino where cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are stunning.

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This Kakinoha sushi shop with a long history is located on Mt.Yoshino, Japan's best site for cherry blossoms. Kakinoha sushi is bite-sized vinegared rice topped with a piece of mackerel or salmon on rice, wrapped in a persimmon leaf and pressed with a heavy stone. It is now nationally known as Nara’s traditional food but it originated as local food in the Yoshino area.

During the Edo Period (1600-1868), fresh mackerels caught in Kumano Sea, Wakayama were preserved with salt inside of the belly and brought to various areas. The fish was sliced thin and put on rice, covered with the persimmon leaf growing in Mt.Yoshino, and then pressed with heavy stones to cure. That was the beginning of Kakinoha sushi. It was served as a treat during the summer festival in old times.

“Kakinoha sushi Yakko” was established near Kinpusenji Zaodo during the Taisho Period (1910s), and the 3rd and 4th generation of the founder are running the shop. The original recipe of the founder has been strictly followed and each Kakinoha sushi is handmade. It is a healthy food with no preservatives and additives.

The shop serves the best-matured sushi in 3 varieties, rich-flavored mackerel, beautiful salmon, and a combo of mackerel and salmon. You can order the set menu with Japanese noodles - Udon or Soba - and seasonal dishes. Local sweets, Kuzu-yu, Kuzu-mochi made of local food Yoshino-Kuzu, and Zenzai are also recommended.


  • Traditional Kakinohasushi is made with the same recipe for over 100 years.
  • Serves the best matured Kakinohasushi in the shop.
  • They are each handmade with no preservatives or additives.
  • Japanese sweets made from Yoshino-Kuzu are also recommended.
  • In spring, you will see Japan’s best cherry blossoms in Yoshino.


  • Located near Kinpusenji Zaodo

    Located near Kinpusenji Zaodo

  • Yoshino Mountains are viewed through the windows of the shop

    Yoshino Mountains are viewed through the windows of the shop



Name in Japanese
柿の葉寿司 やっこ
Postal Code
543 Yoshinoyama, Yoshinocho, Yoshinogun, Nara
Wednesdays (open all month in April and November)
Lunch 1,450 yen, 1,650 yen
About an 11-minute walk from Yoshino-yama Station on Yoshino Ropeway
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