Saika Ramen Head Restaurant

Nara’s local ramen with plenty of hakusai cabbage, Tenri ramen’s original restaurant.

Tenri ramen

Soy-sauce-based soup, hakusai cabbage and garlic with chili spice make up Tenri ramen. In 1968, Saika Ramen began as a street vendor in Tenri City, Nara. The founder was working in a Chinese restaurant when he wanted to provide food that replenished people late at night. Today, it is established as Nara’s soul food with 14 restaurants in the Kinki Area.

The in-house secret, soy sauce and garlic soup base comes with stir-fried hakusai, pork, garlic chives, carrots, etc. The toppings are so generous that you can’t see the noodles in a bowl. Very satisfying and nutritious. The wavy noodles soak up the soup well - a great combination.

The soy-sauce soup recipe invented by the founder is followed by his son who makes it for all 14 shops. The hot sauce imported directly from Sichuan Province, China gives a kick that makes this dish like none else. You can pick different toppings such as char siu (Chinese BBQ pork), boiled egg or menma (seasoned bamboo shoot). Fried rice, fried dumplings, fried chicken and other sides are delicious as well.

The restaurant offers more than 90 seats with ample space between tables for a relaxed dining. Remembering the street vendor beginning, a stall is still run in Tenri City. Visit the stall with lanterns waving at you.


  • Nara’s local dish, Tenri ramen started here.
  • Energizer ramen with generous toppings.
  • The secret soy-sauce soup recipe handed down to a son.
  • The hot sauce gives a unique kick to the dish.
  • A stall is still run in Tenri City just like its humble beginning.


  • The restaurant name Saika Ramen stands out in red

    The restaurant name Saika Ramen stands out in red

  • Hakusai and plenty of other toppings with the spicy accent

    Hakusai and plenty of other toppings with the spicy accent

  • A stall is also run in Tenri City

    A stall is also run in Tenri City


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
91 Iwamurocho, Tenri City, Nara
Open every day
starting from 712 yen
From Kintetsu Tenri Line, Senzai Station, walk 12 min.
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)