Rolex, the wristwatch brand of desire. If you are going to buy one in Japan, visit the Quark specialty stores.

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Not only in Japan but also in a number of other countries, there is the belief that people who have earned a certain status in society should possess a high class wristwatch corresponding to this status. There are also those who aim at achieving such a status one day and splurge on a high class watch while there are young. And there are also people who buy a luxury watch because they are drawn by the refined design.

The most popular brand of such high quality watches, which serve as status symbols, is probably Rolex. Recently, it seems that the number of travelers wanting to buy a Rolex in Japan has been on the rise because of their trust in the stores and the weakening of the yen. Although counterfeit articles are extremely rare in Japan as such, we would like to introduce a shop where you can feel even safer when making your purchase: Quark, which operates 12 stores in Japan, amongst others in Ueno, the Ginza and Shinjuku and a store abroad in Hong Kong.

As a specialist store for Rolex watches, Quark offers new, used as well as antique articles. Of course, it handles no counterfeit goods whatsoever. The used products have also been properly judged by an expert and have undergone maintenance. What’s more, the shop shows commitment by being reliable and offering competitive prices. Since it also offers tax-free shopping, it is highly recommended for people who would like to buy a watch during their trip through Japan.

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【Quark Ueno Main Store】

Addrdss:1F, Someya Bldg., 6-3-1, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

【Quark Ginza 888 Store】

Addrdss:1F, Ginza 888 Bldg., 8-8-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

【Quark Shinjuku Store】

Addrdss: 3-29-13, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

See below for the list of the other stores.