LAFORET Harajuku is a must-visit place for those who wish to wear unique fashions in a stylish way!

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In a street interview on fashion magazines, we see many people wearing unique fashions. Their fashion coordination is highly sophisticated; they are unique but skillfully focus on trend. If you are looking for such items, try LAFORET Harajuku, a fashion building located in Harajuku, Tokyo.

The complex has approx. 140 stores including ladies fashion, men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, CDs, cafes, etc. Among the stores, we have selected four recommended stores. In order to help you imagine items available at each store, the fashion coordination of store staff is also introduced in the following articles.


The concept of the store is a word “Harajuku”, a place where youthfulness and power are overflowing. WALL produces lineups that stimulate your curiosity.


The store distributes not only popular brands such as snidel, gelato pique, FRAY I.D, Lily Brown, but also fashions and culture that include books and artists’ works that are carefully selected by buyers.

GR8 【2.5F】

From high-end to street fashions, GR8 collects items from all over the world with their view of fashion. Try their fashion tastes that are different to others.

Angelic Pretty 【B1.5F】

Angelic Pretty has a range of cute costumes with plenty of lace, frills and ribbons, which are like those worn by princesses in picture book that you would have loved once when you were a child. The shop is for girls, who want to be forever pretty.

Fashion lovers will never get bored of LAFORET Harajuku even they stay there all day because from the Basement 1.5 floor to the 6th floor, it is filled with such unique stores. Of course there are eateries for refreshments, where you can have a rest after hours of shopping. Easy-to-grab one hand menus will satisfy your appetite.

LAFORET Harajuku, a place where continues to distribute new culture, also holds fun events regularly. From September 12, Sat. to October 4, Sun in 2015, the shopping complex will launch a collaboration event with Belle, an only sister of six siblings of SNOOPY, the world’s most famous character of a beagle dog. During the event period, over 30 stores will sell goods that are collaborated with Belle. They are available only at the event.

【LAFORET Harajuku】

Address:1-11-6, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open:11:00-21::00 365 days