Tadami Line that runs through picturesque scenery seen from viewing spots

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Tadami Line picturesque scenery that supported the lives of local residents

The Tadami Line weaves its way through the beautiful valley surrounding the Tadamigawa River. The untouched natural environment offers the perfect route for railway enthusiasts.

The Tadami Line is a 135.2 km long local train line that links Aizu Wakamatsu in Fukushima to Koide in Niigata, the neighboring prefecture. The train is a two-car old style train, but has run for many, many years as the mode for daily transportation of local residents as the road becomes cut off in the winter from the heavy snow.

Puttering train ride along the natural environment

You can also ride this Tadami Line and leisurely make stops at Yanaizu, Mishima, Kaneyama, Tadami, and other towns along the railroad while admiring the scenery from the window. Just remember to check the time table in advance and ensure you have a train back, as there are few trains running. Some of the stations are unmanned, so you must deal with tickets directly with the train conductor.

Beautiful collaboration of scenery and train

A number of tour spots that are the best for viewing the scenery have been established. One that is known as being particularly easy to access and gorgeous is the No. 1 Tadamigawa River bridge view point that is a short walk from the Oze-kaido Mishima-juku roadside station and a climb up a mountain ridge.

From here, you can see the Tadami Line passing over the bridge while reflected on the surface of the water against the natural backdrop of Okuaizu that changes its color with the seasons.

The landscape is like a painting that forever evokes a sense of nostalgia for Japanese people. It is especially beautiful during the cherry blossom season and the fall color season. Please come and visit this place to see the original Japanese scenery for yourself.

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