Introducing a face-washing brush that cleans pores with fibers finer than a human hair!

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Isn't it true that a lot of people worry about dirty pores? The dirt in pores is known as blackheads, a mixture of sebum (oil) and hard keratin (protein). When there are excessive secretions of sebum or makeup that was not removed, these blackheads form in pores. To prevent this, it is essential to wash off sebum, makeup and dirt thoroughly.

In this article, we would like to tell you about the "TSURURI FACE PORE CLEANING BRUSH M," which gently cleans away such dirt in your pores.

It is distinguished by its gentle brush section, each fiber of which is thinner than a human hair and as supple as a silk thread. These fine hairs clear out dirt stuck deep in pores and give you smooth, clear skin that is easy to apply makeup to.

The fibers are specially placed so as to increase the foaminess of facial cleanser. No special cleanser is necessary with this brush; just use your regular cleanser. Also consider giving this advanced-functionality face-washing brush as a gift.


Price including tax:¥1,296/BCL