Mini-Sized Insect Repellant, “Kawaii Select Skin Vape Mist”

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Written by Chigusa

Insect repellant is a summer must-have. However, you always want to carry as little with you as possible!
I’ve found the perfect product for those occasions! Even better, it’s not just an effective insect repellant, but the design is cute too!

The pink container with floral patterns is super cute and looks like a high-quality cosmetic!
The product is about 12cm long in all, so it’s very compact and easy to carry.
The formula contains about 10% insect repellant total.

Even the Cap is Cute!
Even the Cap is Cute!

The spray smells faintly of flowers. It contains hyaluronan Na as a hydrating component.
The texture is thin and like water and spreads easily without feeling sticky, making it easy to apply.
It can be purchased at pharmacies and other locations!

Basic information on Kawaii Select Skin Vape Mist

400 yen


Birth place: Yamanashi Prefecture