Would you like to buy cosmetics as souvenirs that are only available in Japan? The article is about Milky Gel from Avène.

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Cosmetics are one of the popular souvenirs among travelers to Japan. Of course, people usually buy cosmetics of Japanese manufacturers. However, sometimes you can find overseas cosmetics that can only be purchased in Japan. By purchasing such goods, you might be able to appeal to your friends that you have a good sense of finding souvenirs and are good at gathering information.

This article focuses on Avène, a French skincare brand, which released Milky Gel this May only in Japan. Avène has a series of skincare products that are made with the hot spring water in Avène village in the southern France. The water is minerally balanced and good for skins. The products are being manufactured using the natural power of the hot spring water and the know-how on skin science of Pierre Fabre Co., Ltd., and they are so reliable that in France, skin specialists prescribe the products for their patients. They are being supported by those with various skin types including sensitive skin.

The Milky Gel, available only in Japan, is a moisturizing gel cream consisting of a toner and a milky lotion. Two basic steps, to apply a toner to your skin before a milky lotion to apply moisture to your skin, can be done only in one step with this gel. After washing your face in the morning or at night, take up an appropriate amount on your palm and simply spread over your skin. It will be an item that helps women, who are busy for work, housework and child minding, save their time.

Not to mention, its benefit is significant. The layers of the ingredients, which are water-based ingredients, oil-based ingredients, and moisturizing ingredients, moisturize your skin significantly. In addition to that, because the product has been specially designed for Japanese, many of who have sensitive skins, it can be used by anyone with different types of skins in all over the world.

Avène products including the Milky Gel can be found at drug stores, supermarkets, cosmetic stores, etc. We totally recommend the products for souvenirs.