Experience Kanazawa`s past and present ~ Naga-machi Buke yashiki district ・21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa,・D.T. Suzuki Museum~

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Kanazawa is the main city of Ishikawa prefecture. Ishikawa is located in the centre of Japan’s main island. This region is called Hokuriku. In 2015 Japan Rail started to operate the Hokuriku Shinkansen(bullet train) line. Now we can access Kanazawa station from Tokyo in only 2.5 hours!

Last time I explored the area around Kanazawa station. This time I’m going to explore a little deeper in Kanazawa. There are so many places to visit here.

Naga-machi Buke yashiki district

Naga-machi was the district where the Samurai built their houses during the Edo period (1603-1868). Today, you can still see remnants of what it was like at that time. Remnants such as soil walls and Nagaya gate.

Nomura Samurai Family Residence is open to the public.

You can see gorgeous interiors and beautiful Japanese gardens.

【Nomura Samurai Family Residence】
Address:1-3-32 Nagamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Open:April~September 8:30-17:30 / October~March 8:30-16:30
Closed :December 26th,27th
Access: Approximately 10 minutes ride on Taxi from JR Kanazawa station / Approximately 20 minutes walk from JR Kanazawa station

Around Korinbo ・Kata-machi

I walked about 5 minutes East from Nomura Samurai Family Residence. I arrived at the Korinbo Kata-machi area. If you want to see modern Kanazawa, this is the place to visit. You will see department stores and restaurants. While walking I decided to take some photos of the area .

Seseragi street is where you will find trendy cafes and miscellaneous shops.

Shopping and entertainment complex Atrio

Fashionable shopping street.

Address:1-3-32Korinbo, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa

The Fourth High School Memorial Museum of Cultural Exchange
This building was a former high school (which is a junior high school in Japan`s current school system) for about 60 years from 1893. They have precious archives of uniforms from that time period. They also have references of literary scholars on display from Ishikawa prefecture.

【The Fourth High School Memorial Museum of Cultural Exchange】
Address:2-2-5 Hirosaka, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa

「Shiinoki Cultural Complex, Ishikawa prefecture building」 was a former Ishikawa prefectural government office. They renovated it into a facility with tourist information, restaurants, and space for relaxation.

I decided to take a break at the Cafe Urushino Mi near the「Shiinoki Cultural Complex, Ishikawa prefecture building」. This cafe is produced by the craft shop Lacquer Ware NOSAKU. NOSAKU is a well known Kanazawa Lacquerware artisan shop. They serve patrons using their beautiful Lacquerware vessels. It’s worth a visit.

Matcha cream zenzai ¥780 ( with coffee ¥1,080)

【Shiinoki Cultural Complex, Ishikawa prefecture building】
Address:Nosaku Building 4F 1-1-60 Hirosaka, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
營業時間:Weekdays 11:00-18:30 / weekends and holidays 10:00-18:30
Closed:Wednesdays (Open through August)

21st Century Museum of ContemporaryArt,Kanazawa

At the 21 Century Museum of Contemporary Art there are 2 zones. One is the「Public zone 」(free admission area ) and the other zone is the 「exhibition zone」 where you can enter for a fee. Here visitors can enjoy contemporary art in a different way from a conventional art museum.

The exterior view of the building.

One of the main exhibitions 「The Swimming pool」. Under the layer of water is an exhibition space. When I peered down I saw people under the water. It was a fascinating experience.

The photos below are from the exhibition zone where you can enter for a fee. They change their exhibitions regularly and according to themes.

「Green Bridge」 is a permanent exhibit over a glass corridor at the exhibition zone. On the wall are about 100 different plants arranged in an aesthetic order, growing freely and creating a unique view each season.

Finally this is the 「People’s Gallery」 located in the Public zone. There are vivid patterns of Kanazawa’s world famous Kaga Yuzen Kimono textiles covering the walls. It was gorgeous.

Of course visitors can also stop by the museum’s shop to buy gifts or dine at the cafe restaurant.

D.T. Suzuki Museum

This facility is a place for visitors to learn about the ideas and achievements of Suzuki Daisetz who was born and raised in Kanazawa. He became a prominent Buddhist philosopher later in life. This palace portrays 「tranquility」 and is an ideal space for self-reflection.

【D.T. Suzuki Museum】
Address:3-4-20 Honda-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
門票:Adults 300yen
Closed:Mondays (Next day if Monday falls on a holiday)

Dinner at 「Teuchi soba Sarashina Fujii」(*Teuchi soba means hand kneaded soba noodles, not machine made)

There is a very relaxing atmosphere inside.

This is the place to dine if you want to eat authentic Japanese soba. I ordered a simple Zaru soba ¥850

【Teuchi soba Sarashina Fujii】
Address:3-3 Kakinokibatake, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
Business Hours:Tuesday-Saturday11:30-14:00(L.O.) 17:30-21:30(L.O.) / Sundays・ Holidays11:30-20:00(L.O.)
Closed:Mondays (following day if Monday falls on a holiday)

I enjoyed the diversity in Kanazawa. It offered historical sights such as the Naga-machi Bukeyashiki (Samurai house ) district and contemporary spots such as the 21st century museum. I found this trip really interesting.

While living outside of Japan for a while, I began appreciating what Japan has to offer. Now I travel in all over Japan to search for that good old Japanese culture and beautiful scenery in each season. It`s my intention to motivate my readers to actually experience the places I introduce through my articles.



Birth place: Tokyo


While living outside of Japan for a while, I began appreciating what Japan has to offer.