Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture – Strawberry Parfait from Fruits Parlor Murahata

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Written by  takoyakikun

When you think of Kanazawa, you think of seafood like crab and shore dotterel. However, it is also famous for its sweets! The city as a whole consumes an incredible amount of sweets, so much that it is sometimes called the “Kingdom of Sweets”!
This time, I visited “Fruits Parlor Murahata,” by and far one of the most popular shops in this Kingdom of Sweets!
I came to take on the best parfaits in Kanazawa!

Fruits Parlor Murahata’s exterior
Fruits Parlor Murahata’s exterior

Location of “Fruits Parlor Murahata”

Its location is extremely convenient, right next to the popular tourist spot Omi-cho Market.
The 1st floor is a fruits shop, and the second floor is the fruits parlor. During the summer, the lines can get really long!

My visit was in January, but the shop was still packed!
After waiting for a few minutes, I was guided to a seat.

Fruits Parlor Murahata’s Menu

The menu includes parfaits and cakes made using seasonal fruits, as well as options like pastas, pizzas, and gratins.

A Varied Parfait Menu
A Varied Parfait Menu
Pancake Menu
Pancake Menu

A Perfect Strawberry Parfait

Strawberry Parfait (Seasonal Product January-May) 900 yen
Woah! Whichever angle you look from, it was just covered in strawberries!

There were strawberries packed in all the way to the bottom of the glass! I couldn’t stop taking pictures!
Such a luxurious parfait! It uses an entire pack of strawberries.

I started off with a single strawberry. It was sweet and refreshing! Yum!

The parfait is also packed with creamy vanilla ice cream, delicious strawberry sherbet, whipped cream, and corn flakes! When paired with the sweet strawberries, the delicious flavor is overwhelming!

#1 Most Popular, Fruits Parfait

Fruits Parfait 830 yen

Fruits Parfait 830 yen
Fruits Parfait 830 yen

This beautiful parfait is the most popular, topped with seasonal fruits.
I was thrilled by the giant piece of melon!

All of the cuts are beautiful. This is the parfait for you if you want to enjoy many juicy fruits!

Very Berry Parfait

Very Berry Parfait (Seasonal Product January-May) 850 yen

This parfait is packed full of fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and cranberries.

Very Berry Parfait (Seasonal Product January-May) 850 yen
Very Berry Parfait (Seasonal Product January-May) 850 yen

I was surprised to get so much for such a low price!

「Berry berry 百匯」

When a parfait was carried out, everyone cheered, and all of the customers looked really happy.
If you visit Kanazawa, you definitely should come here!
After I left, I went on a bit of a walk to burn off the calories….

Fruits Parlor Murahata

2-12 Musashimachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
About 15 minutes on foot from JR Hokuriku Main Line’s Kanazawa Station (east exit)
Business Hours
Open every day