Ishikawa Prefecture – Walking and Eating at Omi-cho Market! ~Omi-cho’s Croquettes and Raw Oysters~

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Omi-cho Market is a popular sightseeing spot located within walking distance of Kanazawa Station. They have a wide selection of not only fresh food products, but various restaurants and food you can eat while walking as well. This is a must-go place if you are going to Kanazawa!

Omi-cho Market’s Specialty “Omi-cho Croquette”

Exterior of “Omi-cho Croquette”
Exterior of “Omi-cho Croquette”

This shop hand-makes croquettes using carefully selected ingredients.
It was still early in the morning when I took this photo, but when I walked by again later there was an enormous line!
It gets especially crowded around lunch time, so be careful!

They serve a wide variety of croquettes, including sweet shrimp, crab, octopus, meat, squash, curry, and edamame.
One croquette costs between 130 to 260 yen. Their croquettes made with seafood are especially popular!

I bought their most popular item, their sweet shrimp croquette. I had lucky timing, so it was freshly made and piping hot!
Inside the crispy shell were soft and flaky potatoes and tender sweet shrimp! There’s also a bit of bite from black pepper. There were two entire sweet shrimp in the croquette, so I was impressed!
These are perfect for eating while you walk around!

Omi-cho Croquette

Business Hours
No scheduled holidays

Fresh Raw Oysters to Eat in the Market

While I was walking around eating my croquette, I stumbled across a ton of raw oysters!
This store, “Kawaki,” mainly sells crab and eel, but you can also eat shrimp and raw oysters inside!

Lots of Raw Oysters
Lots of Raw Oysters

I picked one small oyster, for 500 yen, from the large selection of oysters of many varieties and sizes.
Lemon juice, ponzu sauce, and soy sauce are available, so you can enjoy the oysters in your preferred way.

I had mine with lemon juice and ponzu sauce.
The creamy aroma and juicy oyster overflowed in my mouth!
Delicious! I’d love some sake with this!


Business Hours
7:00-17:00 (Sunday 9:00-16:00)
No scheduled holidays

Omi-cho Market is a great place to enjoy shopping and delicious food. Even just walking around taking in the lively market and looking at the interesting goods for sale can be fun!
Of course, you can buy seafood like crab and shore dotterel there, but you can also find locally produced sake and local produce referred to as Kaga vegetables.

Kanazawa's kitchen “Ohmicho Ichiba”

50 Kamiōmichō, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken
Approximately 15 minutes walk from JR Kanazawa station