Lake Towada

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Lake Towada is located in Towada Hachimantai National Park, between Aomori and Akita Prefectures.
Lake Towada is a caldera lake that began forming over 200,000 years ago as a result of volcanic activity. It has been designated as a cultural property of Japan, a special place of scenic beauty.
(Caldera lakes are formed over many years when rainwater accumulates in volcanic craters.)
Visitors can experience the magnitude of the many years and volcanic eruptions that led to the lake’s formation.

Lake Towada is also known for its vibrant greenery and beautiful autumn leaves. Year-round people visit to enjoy the seasons’ beauty and to soothe the exhaustion of everyday life.
You can enjoy taking deep breaths of the clean air, or look at the sky and surrounding mountains reflected off the mirror-like lake. We recommend visiting on a clear day and wearing comfortable walking shoes.
Also, another nearby sight is Oirase Stream, which flows for 14 kilometers, from Lake Towada’s Nenokuchi to Yakeyama.
Oriase Stream is another special place of scenic beauty designated as one of Japan’s natural monuments, and it features many natural sights of river stones, waterfalls, and clear waters.

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Basic information on Lake Towada

Lake Towada

486 Towada Lakeside Rest Stop, Okuse, Towada City, Aomori Prefecture.
About 1 ½ hours from New Aomori Station, Aomori Station, and Hachinohe Station.
(The Towada Lake Bus also operates from the above three stations. Bus operates from mid-April through mid-November. Non-operational during winter months.)