Tokyo Summerland

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Tokyo Summerland is an amusement park where guests can enjoy pools and thrilling attractions!
The indoor space is jam-packed with tropical atmosphere, and it features huge beach-like pools, waterslides, kiddy pools, and warm water spas (particularly popular with women). Even on days with bad weather, visitors can enjoy swimming!

Tokyo Summerland’s outdoor space includes facilities such as a large flowing pool, a heated pool with a temperature of 40 ° Celsius, and a course for large rubber rafts that can fit 4-6 people, called “DEKASLA.”
There are also many other outdoor attractions, including a thrilling free-fall ride that drops you from 40 meters up, and a kid-friendly Ferris wheel and spinning cups ride!

Tokyo Summerland
[Tokyo Summerland]

Even children who still need to wear diapers can enter the pools if they are wearing a waterproof swimming diaper beneath their swimsuits, so Tokyo Summerland is a great place for kids to make their pool debut! (Swimming-safe diapers are also available for purchase in the park.)

Basic information on Tokyo Summerland

Tokyo Summerland

600 Kamiyotsugi, Akiruno City, Tokyo
Around 30 minutes by bus from Hachioji Station. 10 minutes by bus from Akikawa Station.
Hours vary by day. See web page for details.
December through February. Other holidays are irregular; see web page for details.
Entry Ticket (Entry+Pool Access)
[July-September] 13-60 years old 3500 yen. 7-12 years old 2500 yen. 2-6 years old and 61 years old and up 1800 yen.
[March-June and October-November] 13-60 years old 2000 yen. 7-12 years old 1000 yen. 2-6 years old and 61 years old and up 1000 yen.
Free Pass Ticket (Entry+Pool Access+Free Ride Access):
[July-September] 13-60 years old 4500 yen. 7-12 years old 3000 yen. 2-6 years old and 61 years old and up 2000 yen.
[March-June and October-November] 13-60 years old 3000 yen. 7-12 years old 2000 yen. 2-6 years old and 61 years old and up 1500 yen.