Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture – Nanabatake Road 2019

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Flowers Can Bloom Like This in January?! A Solid Carpeting of Yellow!

Every year, the large numbers of people that visit this area are surprised at how many flowers are blooming as early as January! The flowers look like they could be a solid carpet of yellow! Visiting Kamogawa in the early spring to see it covered in rape flowers, and even enjoying picking them, is great fun!

You can truly enjoy the beauty of nature when you enter the 8.1 acres of Nanabatake, densely packed with flowers in bloom! It’s especially perfect for a parent to visit with their children! Boots are also available for loans at no cost, so you don’t even need to worry about dirtying your shoes! There is also a torii gate nearby, so after enjoying the flowers, you can go worship and pray for a good year to come!

Video of Kamogawa, Nanabatake Road

Basic information on Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture – Nanabatake Road 2019

Event Dates
January 12, 2019 - March 10, 2019
Flower Picking Experience Hours
Flower Picking Fee
150 yen for 10 flowers (one person)
Mini Steam Locomotive (SL) Days of Operation
January 12th (Sat.), 2019
February 3rd (Sun.) and 10th (Sun.) and 17th (Sun.) and 24th (Sun.), 2019
March 3rd (Sun.) and 10th (Sun.), 2019
Mini SL Hours of Operation
Mini SL Boarding Fee
200 yen per person