Introducing the ever-popular Alfort cookies’ new flavor: Uji matcha!

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Written by  Chigusa

Alfort cookies are a favourite of many; their crunchy cookie base with a generous layer of chocolate on one side makes for a match seemingly made in heaven! These cookies have been on sale at conbini and supermarkets alike for over 20 years, so you may even recognize them by their sailboat trademark. In this article, I’d like to introduce you to Alfort’s newest flavor, which went on sale in April 2017: Uji matcha. As this flavor is available for a limited time only, I urge you to try them while you still can!

Alfort Uji Matcha Cookies

Product name in Japanese
214 yen (Tax incl.)
168 g (Approx. 16 cookies)

Emptying the contents of the bag, I found that there were in fact 16 cookies, just as the package stated. Each 55 kcal cookie was individually packaged, which makes for easy storage and perhaps helps deter one from eating them all in one sitting—perhaps.

The sailboat impression in the chocolate turns every cookie into a work of art. The cookie is pretty cute, too.

The cookies’ crunchiness and whole wheat aroma add something special. And the thick matcha chocolate is both sweet and aromatic with no hint of bitterness. The combination is simply divine.

These cookies are the perfect bite-size snack to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.