Introducing Jaga-Pokkuru, a Very Popular Potato Stick Snack from Hokkaido!

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Written by  Chigusa

Made by Kalbee, a famous snack manufacturer in Japan, Jaga-Pokkuru is an item that's only available in Hokkaido.
This potato snack is made with Hokkaido's famous potatoes, which are cut and slowly fried with the skin left on.
Word of mouth has spread the news about the unique texture and delicious taste of this snack, making it so popular that, temporarily, the shops kept running out of it!

The name of this product comes from a an indigenous Ainu word, Koropokkuru, meaning "a fairy bringing happiness".

All of the Potatoes are Produced in Hokkaido

It's easy to offer them as a souvenir of your trip to Japan
It's easy to offer them as a souvenir of your trip to Japan

Since the manufacturer is particular about the ingredients, all of the potatoes are from Hokkaido.
The only salt used is from the Sea of Okhotsk.
Because the method of production is close to handmade, these potato sticks are carefully made in small batches.

They're shaped like French fries
They're shaped like French fries

They're so good! Not at all oily, with a serious crunch and superb saltiness, I've never tasted anything quite like them! Compared to other potato snacks, I can taste more potato flavor here!

Just the right amount
Just the right amount

Outside of Hokkaido, they're also sold at duty-free shops in Narita and Kansai International Airports. Be sure to look for them before you fly back home!

Basic information on Jaga-Pokkuru

¥550 for a 6-pouch box, ¥885 for a 10-pouch box (tax-included)
105 kcal per pouch
Shelf Life
about 120 days