Kyoto – A New Way to Eat Warabi Mochi: Frozen “Kushi Warabi”! Arare Shop “Kyo-Nishijin Kasho Souzen”

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Kyoto’s “Kyo-Nishijin Kasho Souzen” is a shop famous for rice cake treats called “arare.”
Its most recent popular product is “kushi warabi,” warabi mochi (bracken-starch mochi) on a skewer.
These warabi mochi are sold frozen, so as time passes you can enjoy the way its texture changes from crunchy sherbert-like treat to chewy mochi.

It’s even gotten some coverage on TV lately, making it an even more popular product.
The box’s packaging is also cute, so it makes a great gift too.

Kushi Warabi - Packaging
Kushi Warabi - Packaging

11 Flavors of Kushi Warabi! Plenty of Unique Flavors!

Typically, warabi mochi comes in kinako (roasted soy flour) and anko (red bean) flavors, but these come in 11 flavors, including sakura (cherry blossom), black sesame, uji koicha, chocolate, and different fruits!
They’re made with actual pieces of fruit or purees, so the flavors are delicious and complex!

(Left to Right) Kiwi, Belgian Chocolate, Kyoto Mizuo Yuzu
(Left to Right) Kiwi, Belgian Chocolate, Kyoto Mizuo Yuzu

1 skewer – 200 yen each (tax excl.)


The kiwi flavor has seeds in it, and it’s a faint green color.
You can really taste the sweetness and flavor of the kiwi; yum!

Kyoto Mizuo Yuzu
Kyoto Mizuo Yuzu

This vibrant warabi mochi has yuzu peel in it.
The refreshing faint yuzu fragrance in this warabi mochi is irresistible.
The yuzu peel also offers a bitter accent flavor, so you can really enjoy the full flavor of the fruit.

Belgian Chocolate
Belgian Chocolate

The warabi mochi with Belgian chocolate kneaded into it is dusted with cocoa powder.
It’s rich and filling. I highly recommend this flavor!

Apparently the most popular way to eat these is about 15 minutes after they’ve come out of the freezer, when they’re about halfway thawed.
Each skewer has three pieces of warabi mochi on it, so I recommend taking your time eating them in different stages!
This time I bought these on the 1st floor of Kyoto Marui, but they’re available at other department stores in Kyoto and Osaka as well.

CoCo Color KYOTO

Kyoto Marui 1F, 68 Shincho Higashi-iru, Kawaramachi, Shijo-dori, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
1 minute on foot from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
Business Hours
10:30 am - 8:30 pm
Same as Kyoto Marui