“Ajiman,” an Osaka Eatery Beloved by Locals

24 May 2018
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Written by  takoyakikun

“Senba Shinsaibashisuji Shotengai” is a shopping district packed with people.
It’s also a gourmet battlefield where delicious restaurants duke it out.
Our focus this time is “Ajiman,” a restaurant that’s been adored for over 50 years!

I’d been past here plenty of times before, but this was my first time going in.

Curry Udon, Tenmusu
Curry Udon, Tenmusu

Tenmusu is omusubi (another word for onigiri, a rice ball) filled with shrimp tempura and wrapped in nori.

It looks like their curry udon and tenmusu sets are particularly popular.

Menu Lineup Averaging Around 700 Yen
Menu Lineup Averaging Around 700 Yen

Their prices are all reasonable.

The udon and soba are made in-house!
The udon and soba are made in-house!

The interior of the shop was packed with local customers!
It looked like they had a lot of things worthy of building up a line at lunchtime.

Specialty – Tenmusu Set

Tenmusu Set – 870 yen (Tenmutus 4pcs, Udon or Soba, 1 Daily Special Item, Pickles)
Tenmusu Set – 870 yen (Tenmutus 4pcs, Udon or Soba, 1 Daily Special Item, Pickles)

What a great price to come with 4 pieces of tenmusu!

Sansai Udon
Sansai Udon

There were sansai (wild mountain vegetables) in the udon that came with the tenmusu set.
The crunchy texture of the vegetables was great!

House-Made Noodles
House-Made Noodles

The udon and soba noodles are carefully made in-house.
Osaka noodles are springier and softer than sanuki udon noodles.
As expected from a restaurant in Osaka, which is known for being particular about its broths, the broth made with a kombu kelp dashi was amazing!


The freshly-fried shrimp tempura were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside!

The freshly-toasted nori was also crispy. The rice was shaped and still fluffy, and it was perfectly salted!
They were so good that I ate up the four right away and was super satisfied!
True happiness is having some of the tenmusu and udon’s soup at the same time~

Takeout Available
Takeout Available

Onigiri and tenmusu are available for takeout. (1 piece 110 yen~)

My meal was cheap, tasty, and plentiful! I was definitely satisfied.
I want to try their popular curry udon too, so I’ll definitely be back!

Basic information on AJIMAN

3-6-12 Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
4 minutes on foot from Midosuji Line’s Honmachi Station
Business Hours
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Obon, New Year’s Holiday