In Osaka, Daigoku's Kayaku-Gohan is noted in the Michelin Big Gourmand!

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The "Daigoku" restaurants have been operating in Namba and Dotonbori since 1902. Kayaku-Gohan, their signature dish, was noted in the 2017 Michelin Big Gourmand guide.

Kayaku-Gohan is seasoned rice cooked with vegetables and meat, Kansai-style. It's a homemade rice dish cooked with soy sauce or dashi stock and your favorite ingredients.

Daigoku's exterior
Daigoku's exterior

This is a modest, home-like eatery quietly tucked right into the middle of the city. I went to visit Daigoku for the first time in a while.

Menus decorate the walls.
Menus decorate the walls.

The interior ambience is retro, reminiscent of the Showa Period (1926-89).
With only 2 tables seating 4 people each, it's a shared-table type of place.
On the day I visited, there was enough room to relax.

The menu
The menu

The menu features items such as fish and simmered dishes, as well as vinegary ones. It's the kind of food served in a Japanese home.

The drink menu
The drink menu

Kayaku-Gohan can also be ordered as take-out.

Free green tea was served.
Free green tea was served.

The Famous Kayaku-Gohan and Tasty Side Dishes

Kayaku-Gohan (medium)  ¥450  served with tsukemono pickles
Kayaku-Gohan (medium) ¥450 served with tsukemono pickles

The tsukemono pickles were placed on top of the rice bowl lid.

Topped with sprinkles of dried seaweed, Kayaku-Gohan had a nice aroma. It was made with finely chopped konyaku, fried tofu and burdock root.

It has a gentle flavor.
It has a gentle flavor.

The hint of dashi stock flavoring this fluffy rice gave it a nice flavor.
It was so good that no matter how much I ate, I could have eaten more!

Grilled, salted mackerel pike  ¥600
Grilled, salted mackerel pike ¥600

This plump mackerel pike is grilled to crispy perfection. Served with grated daikon radish and sudachi citrus fruit, it was refreshingly delicious!

Whole simmered eggplant   ¥350
Whole simmered eggplant ¥350

Soaked in dashi broth, the whole simmered eggplant melts in your mouth. It was so good, it made me want to jump for joy!

Clear soup with clams ¥350
Clear soup with clams ¥350

The clams release a good broth, full of the flavor of the sea!
The tender meat of the large clams makes a delicious soup worthy of an expensive Ryotei restaurant.
At Daigoku, the white miso soup is popular, but this clear soup is also wonderful!

A large clam
A large clam

Now I understand why this restaurant has been loved for so long.
Besides Kayaku-Gohan, everything is so good! I can see how carefully the food is made.
This homestyle cooking was wholesome and delicious!

Basic information on Daigoku

2-2-7 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
1 minute on foot from the #25 Exit of Osaka Namba Station on the Sennichimae Subway Line
Business Hours
11:30 am - 3:00 pm , 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sunday, Monday and National Holidays