Perk up with the delicious and reasonably priced Unagi(sea eel) menu at Unashige in Osaka!

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Written by Takoyakikun

Unashige is a popular Unagi speciality restaurant in Osaka. Because farming technology for Unagi is still unestablished, Unagi is getting more expensive year after year.

At Unashige, they still offer Unagi dishes at relatively reasonable prices. Especially when fatigued, eating nutritious Unagi can perk you up.

When I visited, I ordered 「Unashi teishoku」(set menu) 1970yen.
In it you get Unagi donburi with some other Unagi dishes. It’s a great deal. No wonder this is the most popular teishoku (set menu )in this shop.

Unashi teishoku(set menu) 1970yen
Unashi teishoku(set menu) 1970yen

They use a special cooking method of grilling fresh Unagi without pre steaming it. This is the cooking method of Kansai(western Japan).
Man, the smell of the grilled Unagi covered in sauce is so appetizing.

You have got to put Sansho(Japanese pepper) on your Unagi. Sansho adds to the flavour of the Unagi. The skin was grilled to perfection, it was crispy and the meat was so soft, fluffy, and juicy! I want to thank God for giving me life today!

This lovely omelette has grilled Unagi inside. And it’s huge!

Oh my goodness! It was so fluffy and creamy! The Unagi and mild egg pairing is on another level! When you try it, put some sauce on it as well.

A clear soup with Unagi liver in it. Liver is highly nutritious because it`s full of Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

The refined aroma hit my nose. After the strong flavour of the grilled Unagi, I found this soup so refreshing. The liver was big and it had such a nice texture.

Uzaku is a vinegar salad of Unagi and cucumber.

The vinegar dressing made the fatty Unagi taste very light. I personally liked the crunchy cucumber in this dish.

The Tsukemo (pickles) were so crunchy.

In other restaurants you would easily have to pay more than 2000 yen for Unagi dishes of this quality.
The cost performance here is fabulous. Don’t miss this place for a fantastic Unagi lunch.

Basic information on Unashige

2 Chome-3-11 Bakurōmachi, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi
Business hours
Sundays and holidays
From 2-B exit Nagahoribashi station 5minutes on foot.


Birth place: Osaka prefecture


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