Enjoy a Luxurious Lunch of Truffle Tempura Bowl at Osaka's Naniwa Tempura Ishin

16 Feb 2019
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Written by  takoyakikun

In Osaka's Kita-Shinchi district, there is a new style of restaurant specializing in tempura, called Naniwa Tempura Ishin. Tempura made with Osaka's local ingredients is paired with Champagne in a marriage made to delight diners. This time, I went there to try their lunch of a deluxe tempura bowl topped with truffles!

Exterior of “Naniwa Tempura Ishin”
Exterior of “Naniwa Tempura Ishin”

The counter seats were already taken, so I had to share a table in a private room.

Egg-yolk tempura bowl with black truffles is the only item on their lunch menu.

Although it's a typical tempura bowl, its egg-yolk tempura and the shredded black truffle sauce it is served with make it a gorgeous, deluxe dish.
It comes with 2 prawns.
If you want to eat more tempura, it's best to order it ahead (each additional piece starts from ¥100).

First, I wanted to try the prawn as is. Dressed in a sweet and spicy sauce, the tempura prawn was tender and had a pleasant texture.
Since it was nice and big, the tempura prawn was perfectly satisfying!
I like the crunchiness and flavor of the tail, so I ate the whole prawn.

A tempura prawn
A tempura prawn

The recommended way to eat it was written on the menu.
"Break open the egg yolk tempura, and mix it with the shredded truffle sauce. Dip the prawns and other tempura into this sauce to eat it."
Just as it said, I broke open the egg yolk.

Breaking the egg yolk open
Breaking the egg yolk open

After a while, the egg yolk tempura hardened more than I expected. When I cracked it open, it didn't mix very well with the truffle sauce. As the garlic flavor of the truffle sauce took effect, I felt like I had never tasted such a gorgeous and luxurious tempura bowl!

However, the taste of garlic was too strong, perhaps erasing the original flavor of the truffles? It seems like it would be the perfect match for Champagne, though.

The sauce didn't really mix with the egg yolk tempura...
The sauce didn't really mix with the egg yolk tempura...

With over 150 types of Champagne on reserve, I think I'll enjoy it next time.

Basic information on Naniwa Tempura Ishin

3F Takeshin Bldg. 1-3-36 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
About 5 minutes on foot from Kita-Shinchi Station
Business Hours
11:30am-1:30pm, 6:00-10:00pm (Sat. 6:00-10:00pm; no lunch)
Sundays and holidays